Fitness Expert Mike Womer of 1614 Fitness Responds to Taco Bell Breakfast Offering

Fitness Expert Mike Womer of 1614 Fitness in Bear, DE spends his days training and coaching his clients on achieving their fitness goals. When asked about the impact of Taco Bell opening for breakfast he declared, “Taco Bell is reducing the nutritional value of food, yet again. Breakfast is the single most important piece of food we put into our mouths each day.”

Taco Bell’s full breakfast menu will be offered at more than 5,500 participating restaurants nationwide and will feature unique items like the Waffle Taco.

Womer describes the Waffle Taco. “The Waffle Taco can contain up to 690 calories, in a product consisting of a waffle wrapped around a meat product, cheese sauce, and a serving of processed scrambled eggs. You don’t even need to get out of your car.”

Taco Bell President, Brian Niccol states, “Fans already like to come to Taco Bell for lunch and dinner, and they share with us their love of late night. Now they’re not just asking, but telling us they want Taco Bell Breakfast.”

Taco Bell Breakfast comes as a change to the traditional quick service restaurant (QSR) breakfast routine, bringing the brand’s distinctive approach to a crowded breakfast sandwich market. It consists of classic breakfast tastes with a Taco Bell twist-products uniquely wrapped up and portable for consumer’ “on-the-go” lifestyle.

In response, Womer states, “maybe its not Taco Bell’s fault. There are plenty of people that are going to make a bad decision to eat this. It is my mission, to help educate those people that want to make better choices.”

Mike Womer can be reached at 1614 Fitness & Aerobics, 1877 Pulaski Hwy., Bear, DE 19701. By phone at (302) 832-1614 or online at