Fitness Expert Brad Kohler Addresses Largest Challenges Clients Face

March 26, 2014 – Vancouver, BC – Brad Kohler, the owner and head trainer at Crossfit Optimum Performance in Vancouver shares his thoughts on what is commonly believed to be the greatest challenge that people face when looking to improve their bodies.

“The body does not change overnight,” points out Kohler, “but many of us have been conditioned to believe that if we take the right pills, do the right exercises or eat the latest miracle food, we’ll get into great shape. The truth is that anyone looking to get into better shape needs a good, reasonable plan and a commitment to consistency.”

Kohler or “Popeye” as he is affectionately known throughout the community has been a personal trainer for well over ten years and opened the original Crossfit Calgary in 2005. Crossfit Optimium Performance has been serving the Vancouver community since 2009 and providing customized fitness plans is one of two major objectives of the team.

“We strive to offer the absolute best one-on-one experience here,” Kohler explains. “Every prospective member goes through an evaluation process so we can determine each member’s fitness level together. This way, we can rest assured we are all starting on the same page and we can build a complete workout and diet plan right from the beginning.”

When asked to comment about the second major objective the gym aims to provide, Kohler responded, “We’re looking to build a community. A place where our members can come and feel as though they are part of something special. Something bigger than each one of us. By providing each client with a customized plan and then providing the community and support to keep him or her on-track we are finding that people are not only getting into the best shape of their lives but they’re also building strong friendships with like-minded people.”

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