Fitness Entrepreneur, Natasha Connell, Advocates Rejecting Normal And Transcending It!

Natasha Connell is the creator of Transcend Normal Fitness LLC. She does not believe in average, or in just fit-ish. She created Transcend Normal Fitness LLC, as a way to reach out, share her knowledge with people and help them to become the best version of themselves. Her process includes education, enlightenment and empowerment. She is an ACE and ISSA Certified Fitness Professional, an ACE Certified Nutrition Specialist and an Exercise Therapy Specialist.

Natasha has observed the tendency in the fitness industry to promote unrealistic solutions and sometimes deceive the client with false hopes based on selling products or memberships. Additionally, run-of-the-mill training is offered, which leaves the client in the dark about what to do next, often with minimal results. She made a decision to do her part to change those things.

Transcend Normal Fitness is a high end, boutique personal training company offering individualized plans for each client, but it is much more than that. The approach is based on scientific knowledge and cutting edges discoveries in nutrition and neuroscience. Natasha has developed a proprietary method of training that can be applied and adjusted to the needs of anyone, from absolute beginner to athlete.

The downtown location of her studio provides a Zen-like, private atmosphere. The trainers ensure that clients have a bottled water and a fresh towel available for each session. Pre and post session, time is spent between client and trainer discussing progress, answering questions and establishing rapport. Sessions are never scheduled back to back as is sometimes customary in the larger gyms.
Transcend Normal clients also enjoy the benefits of technology. They have a platform where they can log in, see their progress charts, assigned workouts, nutrition plans, upcoming sessions and also have access to a shared library of helpful content.

Natasha says, “My method of using weight lifting blends the traditional with the innovative. It is designed to maximize recovery, adherence and to be sustainable. From those basic principles, I create a specific blueprint for each client”. She adds, “I also make sure to educate the client so each can eventually take charge of their own program design and nutrition choices if they so desire. Our goal is to open the doors for them and facilitate their learning, not to keep them dependent. We also monitor stress level and provide tools to manage it, such as meditation and breathing techniques”.

The Transcend Normal approach does not end there. The staff actively engages with clients as they participate in team athletic events like the popular Color Run and rewards those who put in the work. For example, the top two achievers during the summer will have a professional photoshoot as their reward!
TNF also makes it a point to engage the community by reaching out to youth. Recently they participated in a career fair teaching kids the importance of exercise. In the next school year, they will be offering an after school program in which kids will learn how to enjoy movement and healthy foods.

Another side of TNF is its Corporate Wellness Programs. Many tiers of services are offered to help companies educate and motivate their employees in healthy living practices. Services include keynote presentations, wellness screenings, group classes, workplace assessments, and much more. The TNF staff will completely customize a corporate package according to each company’s need and budget. Past and current clients include the local Good Year tire plant and Alpha Academy.

Natasha has ambitious plans for Transcend Normal Fitness. She is currently developing a second location in downtown Fayetteville NC close to where she started. This location will offer her standard one on one sessions and include group classes in the extra space carefully designed to maintain a very intimate atmosphere. Natasha is also developing a class that is based on ballet and allows beginner adults to enjoy those benefits. When asked how that came about, she said, “I did ballet as a young girl and came back to it three years ago as an adult, just because I wanted something I could do for me, for joy. I want to offer that to other adults in the area who want to share that feeling.”

Natasha will also be one of the keynote speakers at The Happy Mind Matrix, a travelling wellness conference which begins this summer and addresses all the elements that improve happiness. Her topic is entitled, Kinetic Happiness, Joy Through Movement.

Natasha also partners with the Fayetteville Hyperbarics Holistic Wellness Center to provide nutritional consulting to their patients including civilians, active duty military and Veterans. The latter are dear to her heart as Natasha has served several years in the military and remains in active reserve.

TNF continues updating its online training programs, a digital course is planned and exercise apparel will be offered.

The budding fitness guru sums it up this way, “I am just so incredibly thankful to be able to do what I do. I feel that is my mission in this life to push buttons, to wake people up, to teach them that there is another way. I want to help them realize that they can be extraordinary.”

Using every means to increase her effectiveness in this endeavor, Natasha is currently pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Health Psychology.

To learn more about Natasha and Transcend Normal Fitness, please visit the website:

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