Fat Burning Expert Rauve Haley Breaks The Rules, Has A Six Pack, So Can You

Rauve Haley, founder of 4XFitness based in Alexandria, VA often gets asked, “How do I get a six pack?” His first response is, “Tell me what is in your kitchen – then let’s talk about a six pack.” With the many fat burning and six pack fads that pop up seemingly daily, Rauve addresses how men and women struggle to burn fat in hopes of getting a six pack while enjoying life and eating tasty foods.

“The number 1 thing I hear is don’t eat carbs. This is just wrong. Please remember this fact, carbs are your #1 source of energy and most related to your body’s own fuel supply. Imagine a car without gasoline. Yes, it may work for a week or two, but after that you plateau, become frustrated, and eventually breakdown. It’s human nature. Also, continuing in this way of life will make you a grumpier individual. I always tell my clients, ‘please enjoy your life.’ There is no need to be dizzy or upset. What’s the point?” says Rauve Haley.

“I’m currently training a young professional woman who is a great client and works very hard. The one sticking point is her insistence on not following the eating plan I created specifically for her. She flat out does not do it. As I mentioned, she is a great client and really works hard but this has been a barrier in achieving her weight loss goals. Knowing that she wants to succeed, we made a deal. She would follow the plan I created for her and if there was not any change after 3 weeks, I would give her 10 free training sessions. In the first week she lost 7 lbs and in the second week she lost 3 more lbs. The power is in the food, not in the intensity or frequency of your workouts.”

Gunnar Peterson, America’s most sought-after celebrity personal trainer echoes the importance of re-evaluating things based on the actual results that you get and getting the best results from your eating habits and exercise. He says, “If you’ve been at something for some time now—an eating plan, a workout—and aren’t seeing results, isn’t that a sign that you should try something different?”

The foundation of success in burning fat is always in the kitchen. Even with his fun personality, creative ideas, and knowledge of best practices in attaining your physical goals, there is obviously a sense of discipline when speaking about breaking the rules. Mostly, these rules tend to mean no carbs when trying to get your abs shredded.

“People think they can out work a bad diet in the gym …it’s impossible. How and when you eat is most important. ‘Diet’ is so overused that it is losing its effect. In fact, in the training world it is becoming a bad word. Eating horribly but intensely working out in the gym just maintains what you have. You will not get better or closer to your fitness goals, no matter what they may be.”

With two certifications (ACSM-HTS & ACSM-CSCS ) and a degree in Exercise Science from Virginia Commonwealth University, Rauve stresses getting help from a professional for the obtainment of your physical goals. It’s important to train in a safe and smart way and you will ultimately save time, effort, and frustration. Living healthy is a life-long pursuit. Rauve states “There is no magic pill, but there are definitely short cuts. There are a lot of great experts out there, just reach out and allow them to help in your journey.”

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