“FashionPreneur” Tanya Major Shares The “Must Haves” For A Romantic Evening

September was national “Pleasure Your Mate” month and Tanya Major, top fashion blogger for African American women, shared romantic evening tips that can bring pleasure to your mate. Whether you’ve just started dating  or have been married for many years, we all need to know how to put a romantic evening together. New couples looking to take their relationship to the next level, or long time partners looking to keep the spark alive, it makes no difference, we all need romance in our lives.

Tanya Major, fashion stylist and all around expert in fashion, beauty and designing, was kind enough to sit down with us and talk for another episode of her “Major Must Haves” series. Today’s focus, how to create that special night. These are the Major Must Haves for a romantic evening with that special someone.

Major Must Have number one: A home-cooked meal.

Instead of going out, Major says, “Have a nice candlelit dinner, cooking everything fresh.” Along with a nice bottle of wine, prepare a favorite dish. Whether that’s lamb chops, steak, lobster, shrimp, salmon, “go all out because you’re trying to make it special.” You can do up the table with a nice tablecloth if you like, Major says, or you could just add candles and spice your table up with placemats.

Major Must Have number two: Lingerie.

“Make sure, before you focus on dinner, you stop by Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood.” Ladies, I’m sure you would agree that a little lingerie goes a long way. Not only does it make you look and feel sexy, but it shows you thought about him seeing you in it. That little thought in his mind will be more sexy than anything. Major points out that, like many women, “You can’t buy Victoria’s Secret $80, $100 pieces of lingerie [all the time], so you can go to Frederick’s because they’re always having a sale, and you can get a piece for well under $40, and it’ll be good quality and fit you great.” Major goes on to say, “I hate to wear the same piece for a special occasion, so budget friendly items are always great.”

Major Must Have number three: Effort and good intentions.

This one is perhaps the most important, so listen up. Just because you aren’t going out, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get dressed up. As Major says, “You can have a nice dress on, like if you were going out on a date, but you’re going to be doing it at home. You can also have on the non-comfortable sexy heels because you’re not doing a lot of walking. I also recommend buying a really cute, fluffy apron. I get mine from Marshalls or T.J. Maxx, and they have little slogans on them like ‘Will cook for shoes’ or things like that. It’s just a really cute, girly way to kind of sexy it up a notch.” Indeed, it’s the effort that will show through the most. “Even if you’re married and you have a date night, you’re going to put extra effort in and you’re not just going to throw your jeans on. You’re going to throw that nice black dress or a nice red dress on to let him know that, ‘I got all dressed up, just for you’,” Major says.

Major Must Have number four: Good conversation.

Skip the movies, even watching one at home. Music is okay if it’s quietly playing in the background, but focus on each other. Talk to one another. Share thoughts, memories, stories, anecdotes of appreciation for the other person. According to Major, the romance comes from being in tune with the other person.

Major Must Have number five: Flowers.

You must have flowers, and not just any flowers either, but “flower arrangements that are creative and come from your soul. It’s almost like a painting. When you buy flowers and set them up in a vase yourself, it just looks more authentic.” When asked what kind of flowers, Major quickly responds with the forever classic, red roses. So the woman buys the flowers? “Yes, if you are setting the atmosphere, do something different for a change,” she adds.

Major’s closing tip: Put your all into it.

“Just make sure you put your all into it because if you don’t, the other person will feel it and know,” Major explains. “So, if you really want to be romantic and do something nice and thoughtful, go all out. Don’t take any shortcuts.”

Tanya Major’s blog, MajorMustHaves.com, focuses on all things from fashion tips to cooking to dating. Make sure to check out her other upcoming Must Haves segments including one for Valentine’s Day “Must Haves” which will be packed full of romantic evening tips. To follow the Major Must Haves Series and Major’s fashion blog visit: http://www.MajorMustHaves.com.