“Fantastic Beach Read” Debut Romance Novel, September Somewhere By Susan Lerner and Nancy Meyer, Dedicating Profits to ALS Research

Their father passed away from ALS 23 years ago, and this first romance novel has a purpose for their investment of energy and time. Susan Lerner and Nancy Meyer are sisters and best friends. Now in their 70’s, they felt that it was time to tell a story that mixes some romance and creativity with their diverse, real life experiences. This story pulls from the authors’ combined years of world travel, community service, heartbreak, and happiness.

September Somewhere is a fun to read contemporary romance novel that tells the love-triangle saga of three friends from law school, who travel together on vacation every year – they meet up annually in September, somewhere. Over the years their lives at home change, and the bonds that seemed unbreakable begin to weaken, as the three explore new intimate connections and commitments.

The book became a bestseller on Amazon earlier in 2018 and the authors are promoting its availability, and their benefactor of ALS research, through partnerships with ALS fundraising and research organizations.

They have made several donations to the Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins and are connecting with ALS West (LA and Northern California), and ALS Orange County event coordinators, to have September Somewhere participate as a fundraising tool for the event, and organization members overall.

Their bestselling novel, reviewed on Amazon as a “Fantastic Beach Read”, is set in various vacation destinations for the trio including Martha’s Vineyard, New York City, San Fransisco, Miami, Crested Butte, Paris, Sag Harbor, Hallandale Beach, Bermuda, and Boston. The authors will be making the book available through local retail and bookstores in these cities as well as promoting their retail partners with local publicity and retail swag including September Somewhere branded luggage tags, that happen to also work as bookmarks.

In Laguna Beach, California the book is available at Laguna Beach Books, and they recently formed a retail relationship with The Beach House Laguna Beach (gift store in The Lumberyard Center, Laguna Beach – map location). Retail partners who display the book on shelf and bulk buy sponsors of September Somewhere are supported reciprocally with inclusion in the book’s publicity and marketing activities. Lerner and Meyer are looking to connect with more retail stores and events they can contribute their time and support to through the September Somewhere saga.

Since first publishing in mid 2017, the book has attracted multiple Five-Star reviews on Amazon, and is now also available in softcover print format through Barnes & Noble Booksellers online and in-stores nationwide.

“Fantastic Beach Read!” Said Debra Kaye in her Amazon review of the book, “Not your usual romance novel. The characters are complex and multifaceted. The authors smartly move the plot through various geographical locations really kept my interest. Highly recommend this book.”

“This is the type of book that keeps you turning the page to see what happens to these characters, and pull for some of them while disliking others.” expressed Nancy Rosenbloom in her recent Amazon review.

And Laguna Artist rated the book 5 stars and wrote “The power of friendship – This is an intriguing story that will have you thinking about the role that friends play in your life. I expected this book to be a romance novel, but was intrigued by how the authors described the deep bond among two women and one man who met in law school and made it a point to stay in each other’s lives through thick and thin. The story was full of twists and turns that kept me turning the pages. It’s an uplifting read that will make you want to call good friends to tell them how much they mean to you. I did!”

More information on September Somewhere in eBook and print editions is available at the website www.SeptemberSomewhere.com and through the coauthors Susan Lerner & Nancy Meyer.