Family Travel Blogger, Ollie Kilvert Shares Tips And Ideas For Traveling With Kids Both At Home And Abroad on The Nomadder Podcast

Neil Howe and The Nomadder Podcast welcomed featured guest, Ollie Kilvert from the UK on the show to talk about his life of travel adventures with his wife and kids.

Ollie explained why travel has been so important to him and how he has integrated into his family as an important bonding and learning experience both for himself and his wife, Ula, and their two daughters, Lilly and Bella. They document their adventures on their family travel blog.

In the interview, Ollie shares how he and his wife have been able to use their skills as videographer and photographer to gain the attention of brands and found ways to collaborate and share some of their favorite products while getting compensated for their efforts.

Kilvert encourages other families to get out there and travel, sharing, “I hope that our blog inspires parents to get out and travel with children. Traveling with children is worth it and not as ‘exhausting’ as much as we all think. I would like to inspire our readers by showing them the places we have visited and which ones we have loved…and at the same time pay attention to the key tips of traveling with children. But mainly, I would like one day (when my children are grown up) to return to my diary and think that I opened my children’s minds, hearts, and souls to the diversity of this world, that I did everything to make them passionate about traveling.”

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Neil Howe, host of The Nomadder Podcast is a Best Selling Author and Writer for Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine. He has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News and travels the country full time with his wife, Amanda, daughters, Avie & Paisley as well as their service dog, Bailey.

Ollie and his wife Ula write for the travel blog, Here We Go Again. They say they are just an average family that is passionate about traveling. They love traveling abroad, exploring the UK or just visit our neighborhood.

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