Facebook Advertising Expert Ivana Bosnjak Discusses Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

With over 1 Billion users now on Facebook the opportunities for reaching and connecting with customers has never been greater. In this article, Facebook advertising expert Ivana Bosnjak, creator of the Facebook Ads Class 1.0 shares some strategies that are currently providing herself and her clients a consistent and profitable return on investment.

“A lot of people believe that Facebook is just about cute cat pictures or teenagers complaining about their parents,” points out Bosnjak, “but the truth is that Facebook can be used to effectively reach and sell to practically any market imaginable.”

“Facebook is unique in that the platform collects so much data on its users,” Ivana continues, “And more importantly, they make a lot of this data available to advertisers so marketers are able to get very specific with who they wish to show their ads to. When done properly, this means lower wasted ad spends and much higher conversion rates for advertisers.”

When asked to elaborate Bosnjak replied,”The key to any successful marketing campaign is to get the right message in-front of the right audience at the right time. Because Facebook allows you to be so specific in selecting your target audience you can begin most campaigns with a higher degree of certainty that the right people will be seeing your ads and from there it is often just a matter of testing and tweaking until a campaign becomes profitable.”

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg once said,”At Facebook, we build tools to help people connect with the people they want and share what they want, and by doing this we are extending people’s capacity to build and maintain relationships.”

Along those lines, one major concern with advertising on any social network is that many prospective customers may not be in the right state of mind to see ads. They are there to post updates and read about their friends and not to buy things.  Some may even find the ads intrusive.

To these concerns Bosnjak replies, “That is very true and it is a matter that cannot be taken lightly. The key is to respect the fact that people are on Facebook to socialize and to design your advertising campaigns accordingly. Just because someone is on a social network does not mean that they have lost all interest in other topics but you do need to include a social component in your advertising campaigns. At least this is the approach that myself and my clients have found to work best.”

Ivana Bosnjak is the creator of FB Ads Class 1.0 and a well-respected Internet Marketer. To learn more about her visit: http://crocsquad.com/about-ivana-bosnjak/