Fabio Moro, PhD Helping to Change the Face of American Education

Dr. Fabio Moro, adjunct professor at Concordia University of Texas is helping to bring differentiated instruction into the K-12 classroom.

Dr. Moro teaches classes about differentiated instruction (as well as leadership development) at Concordia University Texas. His passion for teaching, combined with his business experience, brings a unique perspective to the classroom.

“I spent most of my working years in the business sector either working in corporations or within my own business. I tend to have an entrepreneurial spirit and I don’t think the profit motive is bad. In fact, I think the profit motive is good. I try to bring that experience to my graduate students and by using it to challenge their pre-existing norms and beliefs. Doing so helps generate interesting and lively discussions.” said Dr. Moro.

Dr. Moro will be the first to admit that he is not the ‘go to’ person regarding differentiated instruction. Indeed, he considers himself a teaching professor and not a researcher, but he hopes his classes help K-12 teachers to think more deeply about how to differentiate instruction in the classroom so they can better meet the readiness levels of all student populations.

“I’m not a researcher type of professor. I think the world has plenty of people conducting research on all sorts of topics. I think a good percentage of that research is highly questionable and doesn’t necessarily translate to creating a better learning experience in the classroom for college students. My ideas about differentiation are primarily drawn from the outstanding work conducted by Dr. Tomlinson, whom I consider the eminent scholar on the subject,” said Dr. Moro.

Given the apparent population trends and the increasing movement toward a global economy, combined with the relative ease of relocation and travel, it would seem the need for differentiation in the classroom would only increase.

Teachers need to find creative ways to meet the learning needs of students while bringing all students to the same learning objective.

Dr. Moro is a passionate educator and advocate of meeting the readiness levels of all students–not those with only the loudest voice or loudest lobby. In addition to teaching, Dr. Moro consults and coaches small businesses regarding how to best market their business online.

Dr. Moro can be contacted through his Facebook Fanpage for speaking engagements, leadership training. and business coaching.