Executive Coach Shelley Smith’s New Book Shows Business Owners And Executives How To Connect Their Present To Their Future

Shelley Smith, Author of The Connection: The Playbook for Business Owners and Executives is helping professionals get the clarity necessary to connect more deeply so they can make powerful, long-term decisions about the future of their businesses. In this new book, Shelley Smith, Author and Executive Coach, shares actionable strategies in “Playbook” fashion because business owners and executives are feeling pressured to produce more with less in an environment of increasing uncertainty and don’t have time for unnecessary fluff.

“Business owners and senior executives have a lot on their plate and it only seems to be getting worse,” Smith notes. “You have to think about affordable healthcare, finding dependable employees, adopting new technology, online marketing, social media…and that’s not even the half of it.” Smith adds, “If you’re like most business owners you probably feel a little uncertain about the economy so you’re hesitant to spend money, but you know you can’t just do nothing. Now, more than ever, you need new ways to connect to the confidence and courage necessary to continue developing yourself, your team and your talent even in tough times.”

For decades, Smith has been helping business owners and senior executives develop powerful strategies to greatly improve their leadership skills, develop collaborative cultures, sustain accountability and improve employee engagement. To learn more about Shelley Smith, visit http://www.PremierRapport.com. “The Connection: The Playbook For Business Owners and Executives,” is available now on Amazon.