Ex Corporate Hippy Tracy Sheen Helps Stressed Executives Realign Mind, Body And Spirit

Tracy Sheen spent over 20 years on the corporate treadmill, working long hours, travelling constantly and eating fast food at her desk, with no time for exercise or relaxation. The success she enjoyed was great compensation, until a serious illness forced the life changing decision to leave.

But unlike the vast majority of those who turn their back on the corporate world forever, Sheen’s vocation now is working with exactly the kind of stressed-out executive she once was.

Since childhood, she has been interested in wellness and completed a variety of study courses and qualifications over the years. Sheen has been able to apply this expertise to help busy executives who are leading her former life, teaching them how to align their mind, body and spirit for better health, more happiness and greater career success.

“I’ve taken what I’ve learned and what I’ve personally experienced to create proven wellness programmes that give stressed executives the tools to better manage their work/life balance. People see results in their work and in their private lives as well,” says Sheen.

There is little doubt “overwork” is a huge issue. A recent article in the Boston College Executive Briefing Section said: “There is no doubt there have been noticeable changes in the work environment and demands at the workplace in the last decade. More employees now lack job security and work in unsuitable environments that are in constant flux. Many workers feel considerable pressure to work long hours, to work extra hours and to forgo vacation and sick days in order to be able to get their work done.”

The report goes on to say: “Many studies report correlations between workplace stress, employee burnout, increased healthcare costs, lower productivity, dissatisfaction with work, and more work-family conflict, especially for mothers. Such effects have a negative impact on the work environment.”

According to Sheen the corporate world has started to become responsive to wellness. “I call myself an ‘ex corporate hippy,’ because a focus on employee wellbeing was once considered unimportant for companies. But that attitude is changing rapidly because wellness programmes are delivering noticeable bottom line gains. There are growing numbers of reports showing increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and better on-the-job focus, all of which have a huge positive impact on the bottom line. Companies are realising a healthier, happier workforce is more likely to turn up each day, be actively engaged and provide their full potential to the company.”

At this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) highlighted the issue of stress in the workplace. In the United Kingdom last year, nearly half a million people were off work for mental health reasons, while more than 8 in 10 working Americans reported being stressed at work, with more than half reporting being less productive because of stress.

Numerous studies have shown the heavy toll on health resulting from work stress: Workers who are unhappy are at higher risk of heart attacks, heart disease, depression and other ailments. For the company, there is a wealth of evidence in the academic and non-academic literature that suggests a positive link between the introduction of wellness programmes in the workplace and improved business key performance indicators. Studies suggest that program costs can quickly be translated into financial benefits, either through cost savings or additional revenue generation.

It seems “wellness” has finally found its justified place in the corporate world and many multinationals like Johnson and Johnson and Citibank have adopted programs delivering solid results. Many others are following in these footsteps. Partnering with an established wellness business can lead to an effective integrated health management solution for companies of all sizes, in all industries. The numbers speak for themselves.

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