Everett Woods Is Building His Clients’ Dreams, One Investment At A Time

When Everett Woods tells you he can help you turn $100 into over $50,000, he’s not exaggerating. This is exactly what one investor accomplished under his guidance with The New Deal Investors. Woods’ company provides marketing, lead generation, and consulting services to the real estate industry as well as coaching and training programs for agents and investors.

As coaches, they are focused on giving their student’s real world experiences and case studies so they can start doing the things they need to become successful investors instead of just sitting in a classroom hearing about how to invest. After seeing so called “gurus” come into the DC Metro area and promote strategies that would quite literally get a person thrown in jail in Maryland, Woods decided to commit himself to excelling at his business. He thought, “Somebody has to show these people how to do things the right way and how to have the time of your life in the process.”

Of all the things that he loves about his work, Woods particularly enjoys “bringing my creativity and passion for deal making to what is typically a very conservative, low key business and waking up everyday being able to talk to people about their hopes, dreams, pasts and futures and how I can play a part any helping them get what they want and need.” He is helping to bring hopes to hand and dreams to life. One of his clients was working as magician and actor and trying to support himself and his son.

Using the strategies he’d learned at The New Deal Investors, he went out into the field, did his marketing, put out offers on properties, and has a signed contract on a property that will be worth almost $100,000 as a wholesale fee when the deal closes. “This deal will change his life,” Woods says. “That is extremely gratifying to my business partner Alma Wiggins and me.”

Woods is following in some solid footsteps, those placed by his mother who “raised me to dream big. I want to help others realize their dreams.” When he’s not coaching clients, you can find Woods hanging out with his 7-month old nephew and 5-year-old niece in matching footie pjs and Batman capes.

Clearly, Everett Woods is a man who understands the value of creativity, hard work, wise strategies, and a little play. He’s a man with big dreams and his feet firmly placed in the solid footsteps of family. Find out more about Everett Woods and The New Deal Investors at their LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-new-deal-for-real-estate