Etherty A Blockchain Startup Set To Change Global Real Estate

Whether someone is an investor building up a portfolio, a newlywed buying their first home, a person building up capital for their ultimate retirement home, or someone building up a secondary investment to gain a steady monthly rental income, there are plenty of reasons to invest in the property market. But the cost of entry is enormous. Many people are content just to buy their own home, but what if there was a solution to enter the market with as little as 1000 USD? And for those investors with more – what if there was a solution to make it quick, effortless, efficient, transparent and secure? Etherty a blockchain based platform intends to break all barriers for seamless international property trading. Imagine being able to gain access to a country’s property boom from anywhere in the world, without the need to get involved in local bureaucracy and processes, using straightforward and transparent transactions secured by blockchain and smart contracts.

In mainstream markets, cryptocurrencies are sometimes viewed as a volatile investment medium, but Etherty is backing their tokens with properties. This means the tokens themselves have material value, as collateralized buildings will not just disappear. This limits the user’s risk in buying tokens and can provide returns from rent as soon as a property token is purchased. Furthermore, the traditional liquidity in real estate markets is made relatively more accessible to liquidate by the Etherty trading platform, where buyers and sellers can quickly purchase and sell. Beyond the platform, Etherty, coupled with a scalable business model, aims to allow transparent, secure and accessible transactions with the ability to deploy in any market quickly. Ultimately, this can provide Etherty users access to new markets with ease and peace of mind and allow seamless capitalization of growth trends in different markets.

Etherty provides the opportunity for individuals to participate in global real estate ownership by reducing the barrier to entry down to USD 1000. Can this be the answer to millennials getting into the real estate game? The democratization of the buying process allows all income levels the avenue to participate in projects around the globe. A blockchain-powered online ledger could overcome complications by securely and reliably tracking the size and value of individual stakes in the property through the tokenization of these property assets.

Etherty becomes the one-stop solution for integrated real estate transactions. Including launching properties and development for crowdfunded partnerships and/or individual sale. The creation of smart contracts and usage of blockchain technology for secure and transparent transactions, setting up the right legal framework and business setup for the type of investment, government verification and completion of the transaction, delivery of ownership documents. Etherty provides a marketplace for trading tokenized property assets, the Etherty Trading Platform (ETP). Property tokens will be ranked and indicators provided so that users can perform seamless transactions on the trading platform. Whether the intention is to raise money for the development of a property or execute a simple purchase or sale all needs can be catered for on the platform. The integration with Ethereum smart contracts and property registrations on the blockchain provides a quick, transparent and secure method to complete these transactions.

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Matthew Loughran, EMBA

Matthew is an accomplished senior executive and social impact entrepreneur in the emerging technology field. He holds a B.S. in Biology and Marketing from Loyola University Maryland, an Executive M.B.A. from Washington State University. Matthew writes about innovation, marketing, and human capital management; and is a tech radio host (Future Tech—WCKG Chicago and iHeart Radio syndicated).  Matthew is a TED Educator and contributing author to Business 2 Community, Small Business Trendsetters, Marketing Insiders,, and Thrive Global.