Eric Ruth, Inc 500 Local Marketing Expert, Simplifies Referral Marketing For Service Businesses

In a body of work spanning almost two decades, Eric Ruth has earned marketing awards and been at the helm of one of Inc 500’s fastest growing companies in America two years in a row. He recently launched The Referral Challenge to show local service business owners how to simplify and systemize their referral marketing efforts.

“Every local service business wants more referrals, but few know how to get them consistently and reliably,” says Eric Ruth, CEO of Local Leverage LLC. “There are plenty of books and courses on referral marketing that are full of great ideas. But what they lack is a process for integrating and implementing those ideas in a systematic way. Without a process-driven system, businesses struggle to get consistent client-producing results. That’s why I created the ReferralSurge™ System and teach it to local service business owners free of charge in The Referral Challenge 30-day program,” says Mr. Ruth.

From the smallest mom-and-pop shop to the largest multi-national corporations, every owner, founder or chief executive understands and appreciates the value of referrals.

“Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral is the holy grail of advertising,” says Facebook™ founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The Referral Challenge is unique in that Mr. Ruth provides a 30-day program designed to install a complete referral marketing system into the ongoing operations of local service businesses. The program includes daily action steps, referral marketing campaigns and many of the tools necessary for implementing them.

A service business owner enrolls in the free program and then begins the daily implementation process based on marketing principles designed to engage clients and strategic partners and systematically encourage them to refer.

“We’ve removed the uncertainty about what to do next and how to do it,” explains Ruth. “Local service business owners are busy keeping lots of balls in the air – they rarely have time to learn, create, test and optimize marketing tactics and strategies on their own. So we’ve simplified everything by just giving them what they need to execute.”

The success of any referral marketing program is largely dependent on two primary factors:

  1. Quality of Service – Businesses that provide more than just the expected level of service tend to have a more profound emotional impact on their clients. Therefore they tend to be remembered and talked about.
  2. Consistent Communication – Business that communicate consistently with clients (and strategic partners) tend to develop stronger relationships and therefore stay top of mind when a referral opportunity is presented.

The business owner has full control over the quality of service provided. Those that make service a priority tend to do much better with referral marketing programs like The Referral Challenge, which teaches businesses consistent communication best practices.

Eric Ruth has a long track record of successfully helping local service business owners get more clients and increase revenue using effective marketing communication systems and campaigns.

“Eric Ruth helped me generate $250,000 per month with his proprietary marketing system. For almost three years, I literally built my business on the backbone of that marketing campaign,” says Forrest Walden, CEO of Iron Tribe Fitness and co-author of No B.S. Brand-Building By Direct Response.

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