Eric Haaranen Discusses New Source of Web Traffic for Local Businesses

Small businesses traditionally have fairly decent websites. They clearly display what the local business is selling and often do a good job of explaining the benefits of doing business with the website owner. However, many small business websites suffer the same downfall – a lack of website visitors (or traffic).

In this short article, online marketing expert Eric Haaranen shares a new source of website traffic that only recently has been made available to small to medium sized businesses.

“The first thing that we need to know about entrepreneurs is that they all share a common goal. Building a more profitable business.” declares Haaranen. “Too many marketing consultants get caught up in search engine rankings, traffic and other factors – which may be important in achieving the goal – but detract from the primary goal of all marketing efforts. And that is profits.”

“While I’m going to be sharing a specific tactic here for generating traffic I want to make it clear that this is only as a means to help small business owners generate more leads for themselves which will result in more profitable sales, “Haaranen points out. “Traffic itself should never be the end goal.”

The tactic that Haaranen is talking about is something called “Retargeting”. Basically, it is the approach of being able to remarket ones website visitors and it works like this. Someone visits a small business owner’s website but they do not become a customer or even a sales lead and they leave. In most cases this would be the end of the story.

However, with retargeting, the story is just beginning. The website owner is able to “tag” the visitor as someone that has visited his or her site and as such, the website owner can place his or her banner ads in-front of the visitor on other websites as the visitor surfs the web.

“This technology has been around for some time now but it has always been very cost-prohibitive for businesses with smaller marketing budgets” points out Haaranen “but with improving technology and more suppliers entering the market place, retargeting is now within grasp of most businesses.”

When asked what type of businesses could benefit most from retargeting technology, Haaranen responds, “Practically any business could benefit but I see real value for local businesses jumping on this quickly. Very few companies know about this so it is easy to completely blanket a local geographical area with ads. For professionals like realtors, dentists, and lawyers this could be a complete game changer.”

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