Entrepreneur Catherine Foley Targets Home Fragrance Marketplace

Many of the most creative and successful business ideas come out of some kind of personal dilemma that someone attempts to solve for themselves and finds no viable solution. Then they either find a solution or invent one themselves and start spreading the word to people they know. Many times their desire to see people adopt the solutions they’ve come up with is far more motivational and validating than the prospective financial rewards. Nevertheless, if the ideas are good, the financial rewards do come. Think about Uber for a second or two.

Probably no time of year evokes positive memories of aromas more than the holiday season. Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah there are fond memories each of us have of tasty foods, crackling fires, autumn leaves, Christmas trees, and the list goes on and on. The stores start filling up with all kinds of products designed to remind us of those special memories of holidays past. There are candles, sprays, incense, air fresheners, and oils, all promising to bring those aromas to life.

Entrepreneur Catharine Foley had a problem, one she was pretty sure she shared with many others. She noticed that virtually all readily available store-bought home fragrance products she tried aggravated her allergies and her asthma. She was determined to find products that would give her the ability to have home fragrances without causing her problems with her allergies and asthma. It was far from an easy task.

This led to her trying out a unique type of home fragrance product. The Scentsy™ brand fragrance systems consist of a warmer which gradually heats fragrance infused cubes of scented wax giving off a continuous pleasant aroma. Although initially skeptical, Foley found that these all natural fragrance products seem to do the trick. She’s now been using them over a year with no problems.

She points out that, “Any fragrance products that I bring into my home I have to be very careful about. I start in one room at a time and gradually expand to make sure they don’t trigger my allergies and my asthma.” She recommends that others take the same conservative steps because she’s not saying (and neither is Scentsy) that these products are going to work for all allergy and asthma sufferers. There are no medical claims here, just personal experience, but it’s personal experience that she trusts.

Based on these personal experiences, entrepreneur Catharine Foley in early October of this year decided to launch her own Scentsy business by becoming a Scentsy Independent Consultant, with her focus on allergy and asthma sufferers. She felt the timing was good considering the upcoming holiday season.

Foley said “I really wanted to find something my allergy-suffering friends could use to solve the same problems I had with fragrance products.” She had talked to several friends and they were suffering from the same issues with commercial fragrance products. She’s leveraged her personal experience into a dynamic business plan and the future looks bright indeed.


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Stephen Remer

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