ENG Lender Kim Lenz Teaches Real Estate Professionals How To Glide Through The Lending Process

Mortgage Banker, Kim Lenz is glad to work for ENG Lending. She gets to help realtors work with homebuyers each day to realize the dream of homeownership. She works hard to answer her phone and be available to help realtors navigate the sometimes complicated waters of obtaining financing for clients. “Each and every situation is different,” she says, “There are so many people working behind the scenes in order for a mortgage to close. I look at the details of each buyers financial situation and look for the details that might slow the process. I then communicate with the realtors so that we can get these issues taken care of early on in the process.” Her realtors love that she goes above and beyond to help them find solutions for their clients and that she serves as an educator and advocate for her clients.

Kelly Roberts, Realtor with the Model Home Center tells fellow realtors, “The key to your success…the right lender.” She asks, “How many homes did you see? How many miles did you travel, until your client found the perfect house? I took my client into the KB homes community. They were offering over 20 thousand off in incentives that weekend. We found a home that was amazing, complete with all the upgrades. Only problem was we had to use their lender. My client was a Resident Alien working with an H-1B status visa, for Kim Lenz at ENG that wasn’t an issue. Two weeks prior to closing the on-site agent calls me to let me know their lender could not process the loan. I contacted Kim Lenz hoping that the denial from KB Home Mortgage could be saved. Through Kim’s network relationships with her underwriters, she was quick to determine in writing from the head FHA underwriter that the H1B status paperwork that the borrower had, did qualify him for FHA financing. Loan approved, sale complete, the end.” She adds, “If you want someone that is truly dedicated, hardworking and has the knowledge to back it up, the best referral I can give is to call Kim Lenz.”

ENG Lending is a division of the Bank of England, a family owned community bank headquartered in England, Arkansas. ENG Lending provides clients with the expertise and services that are traditionally offered by the largest financial services institutions in the country. Since 1898, they have dedicated themselves to these principles: Put the client first, know his goals, and identify the best way to attain them. Clients receive personal attention focused on helping them achieve the American Dream of homeownership. The company has more than 600 employees with mortgage offices in over 30 states including two mortgage offices in Arizona: Scottsdale and Tempe.

For more information about Kim Lenz and ENG Lending please visit: http://www.englending.com, or contact Kim directly at klenz@englending.com or by phone (480) 907-7792.