Empowerment Coach Niki Brown Discusses The Benefits Of Life Coaching For Millennials

While the majority of those who benefit from life and empowerment coaching are often beyond the crux of snap chats, tweets and selfies, life and empowerment coach Niki Brown notes that millennials too can benefit from the process.

Life coach and CEO of Purpose by Design, Niki Brown asserts that life coaches “bring about a level of accountability.” Accountability that not only women in their 40’s need but something women in their 20’s and 30’s can benefit from in order to live a more authentic life.

By living a more authentic life, Brown notes the importance of “embracing the greater you.” She goes on to say “as women, we’ve been trained from the time we were young to carry other people. We are the ones that birth the next generation. We don’t do it by ourselves, but, for the most part, it couldn’t be done without us. I think psychologically we carry people. We’re caretakers. We carry others. We nurture them. We help them. We support them, and in turn, we always end up losing ourselves.”

While women tend to adopt the identity of caretakers later on in life, as motherhood and domesticity enter the picture, life coaches are often sought after to help disentangle life’s challenges and clarify priorities. But as Brown suggests, millennials rather than women in their 30’s and 40’s “are the best ones to get life coaching.”

She goes on to say, “Life coaching really should start when you’re in the millennial age, because you haven’t made any major life decisions yet in your relationships, in your career… When you’re in your thirties and forties, and you’ve got children, and you’ve got bills to pay, and you’re walking already in a certain career path, a professional, it is so much harder to turn around and say, ‘I’m going to start all over again, because this has been the wrong path I’ve been walking on for ten to fifteen, twenty years.’ ”

While Brown compares the structure of life coaching millennials to that of career advice received from a college advisor or counselor, she however stresses that, unlike advisors, “life coaching helps millennials think outside the box in advance, in advance before they even get in the box.”

While there is no time like the present, Brown states that by “prioritizing your assignments” and understanding that in life there are “seasons” of change- living a more authentic life as a more fulfilled and impacted woman is attainable.

Highlighting the advice of Brown to millennials to take advantage of life coaching before life starts to overwhelm you, as Mahatma Gandhi stated, “The future depends on what we do in the present.”

To learn more about Niki Brown and the services she offers visit: http://www.nikibrown.org.