Empowered: The Secrets of How to Pay Less Taxes and Have More Time, Money, and Freedom Now

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Charles Theisen (PRONOUNCED Tyson) is “The Business Empowerment Specialist.”

Charles is a sought-after speaker, wealth strategist and business maverick who has been in the industry for nearly two decades. He is an auxiliary member of the Tax Master Network. His business philosophy is own nothing and control everything through his one of a kind tax saving structures and strategies. Charles has been a caregiver many times in his life. And he’s founded a nonprofit organization for cancer patients and caregivers, because of his passion for making a difference and not only people’s business but their personal lives as well.
Charles empowers his clients to pay less taxes and have more time, money and freedom starting “now” in their life.

Conversation with Charles Theisen

What makes you different than a Financial Planner, Financial Advisor, or CPA for instance? 

Charles Theisen: My Team and I “EMPOWER” our clients with The “Whole” Truth about how many options there are, other than what we have been conditioned to believe, so my clients pay less taxes; live an amazing life;  and still be able to leave a legacy if they wish, and in general, have 100 percent Peace of Mind financially.
The whole truth is what I found over the last 10 years, there’s a whole other industry that has so many different strategies that I had never heard of even though I have been a businessperson. But, that’s not why it’s important. When I started asking financial types questions about wealth strategies of the wealthy, I found out people didn’t even know about them either. My clients hadn’t heard of them. A lot of the CPAs I worked with hadn’t heard of them. A lot of the financial planners I spoke with, they couldn’t represent them because they were captives with their company, maybe, but most had never heard of them either. So why is there so little information about this one industry that provides people so much comfort, less risk, and less taxes, and in many cases, just gives them freedom that is unprecedented. That’s the whole truth to me.

For example, think about this question: When was the last time your financial advisor, or financial planner, or certified public accountant  asked you if you wanted to see if you qualify to have a bank finance a retirement plan for you? They always say “Never?” We offer that and many other strategies and systems.

That is just one example of The “Whole” Truth.  We empower people to discover many uncommon strategies that either they have never heard of or no-one they count on has told them about. Remember, we have been conditioned to “Know what we Know.” We immediately let our clients know there are many more options… that is what I mean by the “Whole” Truth. My team and I pull back the curtain and reveal all the secrets.

What is another way you “Empower” your clients with the Whole Truth?

Charles Theisen: I want to stress it’s not wealth management,  It’s wealth empowerment. This is truly what makes us unique. There are many great wealth managers I know that do a great job for their clients, until it comes to sharing other strategies with them. Even IF they are aware of others, it’s not in their rule book, or their best interest to do so. They would lose money under management. They fulfill their duty to “manage and earn money” for their clients and leave the tax work to the CPA. So, what happens? People I meet rarely have a comprehensive strategy to pay less tax. They don’t question their CPA to find out if there are other strategies, they could implement to pay less tax.

They are left unaware of the solutions that are available.  First, let’s play a game to illustrate what “Empowerment” is for us?  It’s a fun game. Can I ask, “What color is a STOP sign?” People answer red and white with eight sides. Next, I ask them to tell another traffic sign. Most people will say a YIELD sign and say it is yellow and black with three sides…but, the WHOLE truth is a  Yield sign is red and white, not yellow and black. Only 1 out of more than 5,000 people will say Red and White. All the others say Yellow and Black even though all the Yellow and Black Yield signs in America were replaced with Red and White in 1971. 49 Years ago! So, this is the perfect example of  when we THINK something, we know is True…but it is NOT…
Second, we ask them this question… “What if something you thought to be true about your taxes, money or retirement money, what if you think it is true but it’s not…when would you want to know that?”  

People ALWAYS answer Now!

So, we start very slowly helping them believe, what they already instinctively know, but not sure about, that there are other ways, for instance strategies used by elite wealthy families, that they would consider if they knew they had a choice.

What are the challenges or problems people are having today that you can help them with?

Charles Theisen: Great question and it’s very important that we solve the “Right” problem. Again, we have been conditioned by Wall Street and banks to believe we are not prepared for retirement because we haven’t saved enough, or taken enough risk, or it’s too late to start, and they are often too stressed out and confused where to start. It’s true that all of these are common problems for most of us and they are very real.

Well, The “Whole” truth is that there are many other options in another industry that they are UNAWARE of that would immediately relieve their stress and help them sleep sound and secure.

These are UNCOMMON solutions that are well utilized by wealthy individuals with Uncommon Incomes who can pay many people to discover them unlike most Americans who do not have the Net Worth required to hire a team to discover what they are missing or what they do not know, i.e. unaware of.

So,  the real problem is that there are many options for all of us, but we have just been unaware of the options we have that we can start at any time like right now.
We can solve these programs by revealing the secrets of the wealthy, the uncommon solutions.

Why Empowerment? Why should someone work with you?

Charles Theisen: The simple reason that people should work with us  is because we have a holistic approach revealing ‘secrets” to our clients, allowing them  to “know” or become aware of what they do not currently know. We get our clients the results they are looking to achieve. For example, we help them play less taxes, have more freedom, more peace of mind and protection from litigation. How? Because paying less taxes over the rest of their life will give them more savings, a better lifestyle now and in the future.

Charles, you yourself are not a CPA or Financial Advisor, how do you know all this and why are you so passionate about “Empowering People?’

Charles Theisen: I had a pretty big hiccup myself 2005 to 2008 that we had a health situation in our family. My late wife passed.  I couldn’t sell my business. So, I was on a mission myself to never ever be uneducated about financial things again, because of what I lost from 2005 to 2008. I would not have lost my financial strength, if I knew what I knew now. So, I had to find a way for my family, to protect them from taxes from litigation for the rest of my life. And , now my bigger reason is my team and I to share that with a million people so that they can have that lifestyle that they know is possible. They just don’t know how to get it. I found out for myself  “The Whole Truth” and now my bigger mission is for my team and I to empower a million families with  The Whole Truth and the well proven uncommon strategies that allow them to “KEEP” MORE of what they Make.

Explain more about what it means to “Keep More”

Charles Theisen: Let’s start with another question. Please finish this sentence for me… “It’s NOT what you MAKE it’s what you _________.”

Yes, it is keep.  “It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep!” In this statement, we are speaking about taxes. Taxes can do one or more of three things.  Taxes can go down. Taxes can stay the same; or taxes can go up!

What do you believe? So, the question for anyone is ‘what do you believe and what  are you doing about it?’ In our world, you are “conditioned” to depend on professionals to advise you…so you do what they tell you to do, right? Let them figure it out and take their advice. Have you ever gotten a second or third opinion facing a surgery, or illness? Why not here? It is called conditioning. We trust that our financial advisors, planners, and CPAs know it all. We are conditioned to believe and trust them.

I am changing the future for 1 Million families who want to self-educate and know what they are missing and make it simple and easy for them to understand and use how to “KEEP” more money and even “MAKE” more money without any “RISK.” Yes, this is all possible! And, it’s legal and ethical. Self-Education is the new way to have peace of mind now and in your future.  We make that possible by revealing the Whole Truth for you to “Empower” yourself.

Charles who is your best client? Who is can really benefit from this “Empowerment” System?

Charles Theisen: Well, It’s not for everyone. If you already have $3 Million or more in a safe place, and or you don’t want to learn anything because you know it all, or you think we are trying to replace your trusted advisors then this isn’t for you.
The people who will really benefit from this is someone who is looking for a done for you system and they want more peace of mind now. They need to have an open mind and be willing to self -educate to know that they, too, can start now to achieve what they desire and want for their lives.

What are the steps someone should take to connect with you?

Charles Theisen:  I have a 5-step formula, they can follow. First, we can set up a 30-minute no-cost, no obligation call and walk through the five steps. We will begin with 1) What are the end results we want to achieve. Second, we will do an assessment. Third, we will discover the uncommon strategies that are missing are missing. Fourth, we will think and create a new lifestyle and fifth, we will celebrate! It’s that easy. I also have a free webinar set up for you to learn more.

Tell me more about the webinar training.

Charles Theisen:  The webinar is designed to introduce you to who we are and what makes us different. We go over all the details of the Empowerment System and how it helps to educate the viewers about everything they need to know to move forward. It includes information about the ONCE Mindset System, Private Wealth Funding, the Make More, Keep More Capital Gain Blueprint, Asset Protection Vault, and the Done for You Lifestyle and Legacy Plan. We also talk about some valuable information including the Hidden Secrets of the Wealthy Report, Real Estate Capital Gains Strategies and a 2-Day Empowerment Bootcamp.

The 2-Day Empowerment Bootcamp is  a part of our system where we all get together. It’s hands-on learning  about all these uncommon strategies with opportunities to ask questions. I bring my team of certified financial professionals, there are tax strategist professionals, there are attorneys, professionals from various backgrounds that I have been working with since 2003.  It is a great opportunity to meet my team of professionals who you need to know and get advice from to make decisions.

What is the best way to connect with you?

Charles Theisen:  I am available online at CharlesTheisen360.com. It has all my contacts. You can also text or call me at 954-865-2286.
About Charles Theisen

Charles Theisen (PRONOUNCED Tyson) is
“The Business Empowerment Specialist.”
Charles is a sought-after speaker, wealth strategist and business maverick who has been in the industry for nearly two decades. He is an auxiliary member of the Tax Master Network. His business philosophy is own nothing and control everything through his one of a kind tax saving structures and strategies. Charles has been a caregiver many times in his life. And he’s founded a nonprofit organization for cancer patients and caregivers, because of his passion for making a difference and not only people’s business but their personal lives as well.

WEBSITE: https://charlestheisen360.com/     
PHONE: 954-865-2286
FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/charlestheisen7
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlestheisen/

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