Emily Newmark, Real Estate Agent In Sherman Oaks, Shares Around The Clock Approach To Real Estate

A Realtor for the past 14 years, Emily Newmark knows how to make your real estate dreams come true. Newmark is representing the Keller Williams Real Estate firm and is also a part of the Newmarket Group composed of three Realtor working in the Los Angeles area. She uses her passion for the market to help people buy or sell their house.

“I absolutely love what I do,” Newmark says. “I get to help people make their dream come true. To own your own home or property is one of the American dreams and I get to give the keys to new home buyers and that is fantastic.” Newmark is proud to say that the Newmarket Group offers around-the-clock services. “We put the client first, always looking out for their best interests,” she says. “We do whatever we need to do to make the client happy.”

The group is reachable all day long. If a client dials the number, all three agent’s cellphones ring, giving the client a greater chance to get his call answered. “The level of customer service that we provide is what sets us apart from other Realtors. We want to help our clients as much as we can, and with our work ethic sometimes even at odd hours, it is the best way to ensure that.”

If many people believe they can buy or sell a house without the help of a Realtor, they should reconsider. Doing business on your own is risky, according to Newmark. “Most people don’t realize all the intricate details you have to know going through the process,” she explains. “It is important to have a professional guiding them and protecting them against liability. A small mistake can have major financial repercussions in the long term. To have the proper representation is invaluable and this is what we do for our clients.”

Newmark is an award-winning Realtor who cares about the community she lives in. She received an award from the City of Los Angeles on behalf of the Library Square neighborhood in Sherman Oaks to thank her for the personal effort she put in to create a neighborhood watch. “There are 256 homes and we have around 250 participants in the watch,” she explains. “I created the group to protect the people and the neighborhood. I organize a yearly meeting with the Los Angeles Police Department so people can ask questions or advice from professionals.” She adds, “We also have an awesome block party every summer!”

Newmark is also a top donator to the Keller Williams “KW Cares” charity. The charity helps agents that are challenged by disasters, diseases, or health issues in different parts of the country. When agents are having a hard time, the charity helps them out.

Today, Newmark works mostly in the Ventura Corridor from Burbank to Calabasas and focuses on residential real estate such as houses, condos, apartments, mansions, or family homes. More information about Emily Newmark and the Newmarket Group is available online at: http://www.NewmarketREGroup.com.  Or by calling (818) 639-1585 to ring all three of their cell phones at once!


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