Eddie Medina – Lawrenceville, GA Personal Trainer Shares Top Red Flags When Hiring

This is the time of year when many are considering hiring a personal trainer to get trimmed up for the coming summer months.  The fitness industry is featured prominently in advertising and deciding on a personal trainer can be almost as difficult as selecting a cell phone plan.  Eddie Medina, a experienced personal trainer and owner of Medina Personal  Fitness in Lawrenceville, GA,  outlined the top red flags that people should avoid when picking a trainer.

Signs that you may want to look elsewhere for your Personal Trainer

Red Flag 1: Lack of Credentials and References.  it is important to look for some type of proof that the trainer can deliver on the services they offer. One type of proof would be the trainer’s certifications from reputable outside organizations. There are numerous organizations, but some obvious ones to be on the lookout for, include the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and the America Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA).  Additionally all trainers should have a basic CPR certification.

Red Flag 2:  Lack of a Thorough Consultation at the Start. Does your personal trainer ask you about your goals during your first meeting?    A seasoned personal trainer will help you refine vague fitness goals into measurable chunks with defined dates for accomplishment.  Often people  approach a personal trainer with the goal of “I want to look better, as soon as possible.”  Eddie states jokingly “That’s not deep enough.  I can make you look better, let’s go put some makeup on you. “.  A  trainer needs to help you  build out a specific plan that addresses both body and overall health, including targeting specific body areas and muscle groups.

Red Flag 3: Not including an Eating Regimen as part of an overall fitness program.  Overall fitness cannot be addressed without also addressing food intake and diet.  “We’re killing two birds with one stone, if you will.  We’re making your body look good, but at the same time we’re making you healthy from within”, stated Eddie.

A trainer should be able to assist you in regards to your eating choices and habits.  Most people don’t understand the importance of eating choices and how important a role they play in the success or failure of a fitness program.  The most successful personal trainers will not just recommend eating healthy, but will actually provide a specific diet with food choices and serving sizes for their clients.  Some personal trainers will even coordinate the preparation of the meals.

Red Flag 4. Not being offered a fitness assessment before starting a program. “Knowing the initial physical condition of the client directly impacts what type of program should designed and also impacts the short and long term goals.”, states Eddie.  Most clients can achieve their goals, with the only variation being the target dates based on the starting point and physical limitations.

Red Flag 6: Trainer is distracted when working with you.  Eddie shared one of his core beliefs, stating “I’m a firm believer that when a client hires a personal trainer, they should have that personal trainer’s undivided attention at all time”.  Other red flags in this area, include a trainer that takes cell phone calls during a training session, or is distracted with conversations with other people in the gym, instead of focusing on the client.

Being on notice for these red flags, and using them as part of your personal trainer selection process will save you both time and money.  More importantly they will ensure that you find a trainer who can help you achieve your fitness goals in the shortest time possible.

To learn more about Eddie Medina, visit: http://MedinaPersonalFitness.com