Eat For Life And Stop The Progression Of Pre-diabetes

Is it possible to to reverse a pre-diabetes diagnosis through a delicious diet regimen that consists of organic raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains?

Linda Carey, CMO of Health Industry Marketing  ( says “yes” and “for certain.” She comments, “While there are other methods that work for individuals such as ketogenic diets or the American Diabetic Association diet, this is the story of how I came to avoid full onset of Type II Adult Diabetes.” She continues, “Since it is now 2015 and I am not diabetic, I have to presume that there is some credence to my strategy.”

In 2007, she found herself with a pre-diabetes diagnosis and was floundering as to what steps to take to abate the potential of full own adult onset Type II diabetes.

“Much soul searching occurred but was layered on top of frustration, anguish and resentment that my genes might be failing me,” said Carey.

After making a foray to a leading Silicon Valley medical foundation hospital, for an an American Diabetic Association diet tutorial, she was “determined not to take this route as an option.”

“The nurse instructor was overweight and not an example of what this protocol could do for me. While people have had success on this diet, I knew that it wasn’t the right path for me. I left the presentation feeling quite despondent. It was clear that I had to find a method that would work for me permanently as a lifestyle. I was not interested in simply subscribing to a charted regimen that didn’t feel right for me,” lamented Carey.

Two months later after lots of online research and “dine arounds” in vegan-raw food restaurants including the very popular Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley, California,  she found herself enrolled in Cherie Soria’s Living Light Culinary Academy. Cheri, the author of “Raw Food for Dummies” and her husband Dan Laderman run this exceptional culinary institute in Fort Bragg, California.

There Carey planned to take a “raw food fundamentals” class to see where this path would take her. However, after starting the class some wonderful shifts started to emerge for her with more energy, weight loss and a sense of well being. Eating only wonderful, raw recipes made from organic fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts prompted her body to start a detoxification process. The nutrition in the food coupled with the complete absence of any processed foods at all, put her on the path to reversing the pre-diabetes diagnosis. The fundamentals of life-giving food led to a desire to learn more and she re-enrolled for more classes of study which resulted in a Raw Food Chef Certification curricula.

Upon returning to her home in the San Francisco Bay area with her new found passion and much improved health (or so she thought) she went back to her clinic for a check-up. She later received a congratulatory letter in the mail from her doctor who commended her on reversing pre-diabetes.

Carey exclaimed, “Actually, my physician was very pleased but quite surprised. She remarked that most people simply tend to go ahead and develop the disease without regard to changes that make a difference for them and their health. I was shocked to hear this revelation and could not imagine why people would take the exit route to poor health.”

Today, Carey, who is a specialist in building digital authority press for health related companies and healthcare providers, also nurtures her passion for health through preparation of delicious raw desserts, flax crackers and other tantalizing foods for friends and family.

Summarily, it is not very many patients who get a congratulatory letter from her doctor for reversing the onset of pre-diabetes.

“Yes,” said Carey, “It  was pretty cool and my doctor shared that many patients had just rather take insulin than change their diets.”

Today, the good news is that Carey remains diabetes free but acknowledges that it requires attention to food choices. She leaves off most processed foods, stays away from gluten-laden products, drinks her “breakfast made in her Vita Mix” and eats many delicious raw food dishes and snacks co-mingled with regular cooked foods. She also “keeps her stress down as much as possible and exercises.”

She adds, “This is a lifestyle…not a diet. I am not a freak about it because I do eat some cooked foods. I also eat dark chocolate and love my sister’s homemade pumpkin cheesecake which I occasionally eat because it is worth the calories.”

She says, “I wish everyone could have a life changing experience like I had at Living Light Culinary Institute. I’ve included my certified chef’s photo here as evidence that I really did have this experience!”

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