Due To The Current Economic Conditions, Direct Response Marketing Expert Robert Crotts Announces New Business Service That Assists Businesses In New Customer Acquistion

Greensboro, North Carolina based marketing expert, Robert Crotts, has announced that his firm, Top Methods Marketing, is opening a new division. The new division, named Top Authority Group, specializes in helping small businesses and professionals gain more sales by helping them differentiate themselves in their field by using an exciting business strategy called ‘marketing authority’.

“When times are tough,” says Robert, “business owners must create a very strategic plan that will develop a long term sustainable business model. As a Direct Response Marketing Expert, I have worked with many small to mid-sized businesses and seen lots of strategies implemented incorrectly. When planning for the next phase in any business, it’s critical that an identity and authoritative brand be developed.”

For those unfamiliar with his name, Robert Crotts has spent the last 25 specializing in helping small to medium sized businesses locate and eliminate current and potential profit leaks while applying new customer acquisition and retention strategies. His industry experience is broad, ranging from the car & truck rental business, to construction, communications, commercial finance and he even has experience consulting with various segments of the dental industry.

“Today’s sophisticated and savvy consumer wants to deal with an expert,” Robert explains, “So my company establishes a high level of trust with the business’ audience. In that manner, they become a respected source of information. Then my company leverages the business’s knowledge and experience in order to create a brand leadership or celebrity-like status. The most respected and well known businesses understand the importance of all this. Most small businesses and professionals have never been exposed to this idea and when presented, think it’s impossible for them to do. My company shows them this is not the case.”

What’s important now more than ever is for businesses and professionals to differentiate themselves from their business competitors. That’s the most important key to attracting new customers, clients or patients.

For more information contact Robert Crotts at Robert@TopAuthorityGroup.com.