Dr. Stewart Sanders, San Diego Golf Fitness Specialist, Aids Golfers In Getting Lower Scores

Dr. Stewart Sanders, San Diego Golf Fitness Professional, helps golfers improve their golf game by improving their body mechanics through physical fitness. Including a golf fitness professional in one’s golf game can really help to decrease the physical stress in the body and increase a golfer’s swing efficiency. This can lead to lower scores and a more enjoyable game.

Once that is done, a specialized fitness program can be designed and implemented. Physical fitness improves golf swing mechanics. The most important piece of equipment a golfer owns is their body. A golf fitness professional can help golfers to improve mobility and strength. This allows for more efficient swing mechanics and can decrease pain and/or improve performance.

Evaluations and individualized sessions help to identify specific swing faults and correlating physical limitations. If your swing coach is telling you to have the club in a certain place at the top of the swing and your body will not allow you to reach that position because of untrained muscles, you will never master the swing you are trying to develop.

Golf fitness professionals do not teach a player how to play the game of golf. Golf coaches are the ones that address course management, shot selection, or teach how to build a golf swing. Medical and fitness professionals address mechanical flaws so that a golf player can swing more efficiently. They can then partner with golf pros who will teach the player how to play the game of golf.

When a golfer finds they need a professional to aid in their physical ability to play their best there are several important qualifications that should be looked for in that professional. Look for someone in the medical profession that understands body biomechanics and works with golfers. You can ask your physician or physical therapist if they work with golfers or know of anyone who does.

You can also talk with your golf coach and ask if they know of any golf fitness professionals. It would be good to find someone who is Titleist Performance Institute Certified (TPI). Someone who is TPI-certified has met the criteria to have credentials that validate their golf fitness knowledge. The Titleist Performance Institute, the world’s leading educational organization and research facility dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing.

Find someone who understands the clients’ specific goals and is willing to work with the client to appropriately address those goals. Ask if the professional performs a structured evaluation that identifies the underlying mechanical flaws in a swing. Ask about the details regarding the evaluation process and how this affects specific goals.

Does the professional have the resources needed to help? Do they work in a facility that has the fitness and medical equipment needed to help the client make progress? Do they possess a video camera that can capture high-speed slow motion video to help better see important parts of the golf swing?

You can see more from Dr. Stewart Sanders at http://www.health-beauty.sandiegoprofessionaljournal.com/dr-stewart-sanders/.