Dr. Shital Patel And Dr. Rakesh Patel Offer Hope For Patients With Dental Fear

Patients who need dental work sometimes avoid the dentist’s chair due to fear, bad past experiences or other issues. However, through the use of sedation dentistry, patients do not have to be afraid of the dentist anymore.

Dr. Shital Patel and Dr. Rakesh Patel of Dental Care of Corona understand that patients may have fears about dental work. These dentists advocate the use of sedation dentistry for those who are afraid to seek help.

“Even with the latest technology, many people are still apprehensive about going to the dentist,” says Dr. Patel. “Sedation methods allow patients to have pain-free dental experiences, encouraging them to seek help for oral problems or to have procedures performed which they may have been putting off for some time. This allows them to keep their teeth healthy and beautiful.”

There are several methods of sedation dentistry. Very light sedation is typically performed with nitrous oxide or “laughing gas.” Moderate sedation usually involves an oral sedative taken about an hour before the appointment or administered at the office. For more intensive procedures, drugs may be administered intravenously. The IV sedation method puts patients in a much deeper level of sedation than other methods.

While sedation dentistry is ideal for relieving fears of the dentist, it also has other benefits. Dentists can perform longer procedures under sedation while still keeping the patient comfortable. In some cases, this can reduce the number of dental appointments necessary for a procedure.

Dr. Patel says that most people are good candidates for sedation dentistry. “Even when someone has medical problems, we work with their physicians in order to use sedation dentistry methods effectively. In some cases sedation dentistry is healthier for the patient. For example, some people with high blood pressure may benefit from removing the anxiety associated with dental work.”

With a few exceptions, sedation dentistry is appropriate for all ages, including children as young as three. Sedation is not recommended for expectant mothers except under extreme circumstances.

Unfortunately, some patients simply will not see the dentist because of their fears. “I have seen patients come into my office as a last resort when they were already in agony and had no choice but to seek dental help. Their pain might be caused by an infection they had been fighting for months or years, and I was forced to treat their immediate problem rather than look for a long-term dental solution,” says Dr. Patel. “This is unfortunate, because we can do so much to promote good dental health and prevent serious problems if we catch these conditions early. Therefore, sedation offers these patients an alternative and allows them to seek treatment immediately.”

Dr. Patel has several success stories he shares about how sedation dentistry has worked for his patients. “A few months ago, I saw a patient who had avoided dental work for 20 years due to fear. Her front teeth were rotting away and she was withdrawn, avoiding the company of others because of her embarrassment. With the help of oral sedatives, we were able to fix 20 years of neglect in just two visits. Today, she is always smiling and has so much more confidence than she did previously.” Another elderly patient who had avoided the dentist because of her fear of losing her teeth was able, with the help of IV sedation dentistry, to undergo an implant procedure that saved her from having to use dentures.

Dr. Patel’s patients are very appreciative of the option to choose sedation dentistry as well. “My experience with the sedation was excellent,” says V.N. “I am very nervous about going to the dentist and have a low tolerance to pain. It was an incredible experience. I just wish that I hadn’t waited so long and I am so happy that I found this office.”

Another patient, M.L., says, “I was terrified of getting dental treatment done, as I had a very bad experience when I was a child. This is the best thing that has happened. My treatment was done after I took two tablets to make me feel relaxed. I did not even remember anything! It was so easy and I had everything done in one visit. Dr. Patel worked a dental miracle and made my dream of a beautiful natural smile come true.”

Proper dental care can be life-changing, and when dentists have the ability to administer treatments without the patients being fearful, it is a great way to help hundreds or thousands who otherwise might not seek help. Dr. Shital Patel and Dr. Rakesh Patel of Dental Care of Corona, along with their staff, have been able to help those who need alternative treatment through the use of sedation dentistry methods.

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