Dr. Randy Blackburn Keeps Hope And Choice Alive In Cancer Treatment

Dr. Randy Blackburn, Medical Director of  Onslow Radiation Oncology  in Jacksonville North Carolina, is his cancer patient’s best advocate. How is this possible? “Dr. Randy” (as he is known to his patients) is a doctor who believes in “choices and in hope.” He supports patients in having the power of “choice” from initial diagnosis all the way to the end of their treatment.

Dr. Randy says “there is always a decision to be made and treatment plan options to consider.” He adds, “I believe in choice and hope. Keeping hope alive is tied into choices that patients can make in tandem with their physician. Their physician should be a primary advocate. To learn more about Dr. Blackburn visit: http://onslowradiationoncology.org/team/meet-dr-blackburn/.

“Yes, choice is most definitely connected to hope!” declares Dr. Blackburn. More importantly, he demonstrates his commitment to fostering “hope and choice” in cancer patients through the following practices:

(1). Language:  Patients benefit because he speaks in clear language they comprehend as opposed to medical jargon that is mostly understood by doctors.

(2). Living Up to the Ideal of Courtesy: He comprehends that cancer patients frequently tend to be “other-centric” and want to continue “do for others” during their treatment schedule. Schedules are set to accommodate the patient’s priorities as much as possible.

(3). Clarification of Treatment Plans:  He provides a step-by-step diagram of treatment options along with educational materials that the patient can refer to later.

(4). No Such Thing as a Dumb Question:  He allows the patients to ask questions and provides honest, yet thoughtful, feedback.

(5). Avoids Overreaching: He does not believe in pushing the patient in a specific direction of treatment, rather he elicits the patient’s ideas as  they partner in a treatment plan.

(6). Believes in Advocacy: He advocates for the patient’s rights always and encourages them to share their fears and joys along the way.

(7). Prayer:  He believes in the power of prayer and will tell you that treating cancer has been the conduit to his faith in God.

(8). Flexibility: His conviction is that there are diverse ways and treatment options that help patients to “live with cancer” versus  “curing cancer” or ending life from cancer.

(9).  Living  With Hope: He believes in keeping hope alive and supports this belief in his patient interaction.

(10). Differentiation of the Mission: He makes an important distinction between “end of life” care and “end to life” care.

(11). Power of Choice: He ardently believes and supports that cancer patients always have choices along their journey and that these choices can be very empowering for them to seize and participate in as key stakeholders in their treatment.

(12). Assurance in Pain Management: He knows that patients are  typically not as concerned about how they will receive care, and by whom, as much as they are concerned about pain management throughout their cancer treatment.

Summarily, when an  individual gets a cancer diagnosis, there are many questions and equally as many concerns. Dr. Randy Blackburn has a demonstrable track record in addressing all aspects with the patient to their satisfaction during a challenging time.  He is often “chosen”  by patients and repeatedly referred to others by the same patients. In reality, Dr. Randy Blackburn never gives up! 

Should you wish to learn more about how Dr. Randy Blackburn can support  you in realizing “hope and choice” in cancer treatment,  please visit:




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