Dr. Peter Lathrop, PhD, Neurophysiologist La Jolla History Of The SCENAR – Self-Controlled-Energo-Neuro-Adaptive-Regulator – In Stopping Pain

Dr. Peter Lathrop, PhD, Neurophysiologist La Jolla and co-developer of the SCENAR, when asked about managing pain or stopping pain, answered, “Why would one want to manage anything that is so alien to a normal happy life?”

In 1978, two Russian scientists were developing electronic medical devices for the treatment of pain. At the same time, Dr. Peter Lathrop with his scientific colleagues was working along the same path here in America. Both groups of scientists were developing the same theories, in many cases duplicating each other’s work and the results were uniform both in Europe and in the United States and Canada.

Eventually, they discovered that they could not only stop pain using electronic signals, but could repair tissue damage; soft tissue damage, tendons, ligaments, nerves and muscles, at the cellular level.

In 2006, the two groups met. The devices developed here were much larger than the Russians which were hand held, about the size of a remote control for a TV set. The two groups agreed to work together rather than developing the SCENAR separately.

Working together the partners have been able to develop tools and treatment protocols much faster than they would have had they remained following different paths. The SCENAR has been improving over the last 9 years, the SCENAR is an FDA cleared electronic medical device that is sold all over the world. It is an electronic medical device with a biofeedback component, which means that when you put the device’s electrode on the skin it will read the tissue, determine what’s wrong, and feed it back in an algorithm, which is translated into a number. The therapist can read and understand that number. It measures the injury, feeds it back to the SCENAR, and the SCENAR puts back a signal to correct the injury, electro-chemically, at the cellular level.

The SCENAR is used on a much broader basis in Europe than in America.

In America, there are two solutions to an injury, narcotic drugs and surgery. The SCENAR has been designed, and works in clinical practice, to avoid either or both of those. Pain can be stopped with it, and an injury can be repaired with it, negating the need for narcotics or surgery.

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