Dr. Patricia Rogers’s Latest Book Earns International Bestseller Status and Emerges as an Amazon Hot New Release in Four Categories

Dr. Patricia Rogers’ game-changing new book, In-Person & Virtual Events That Rock, 21st Centuries Tips, Strategies & Processes,” has skyrocketed to International Best-Seller status and emerged as Amazon’s Hot New Release in multiple key categories.

The book offers a trove of knowledge, encompassing effective strategies to evade pitfalls in event planning, seamless promotion techniques, insights into social media’s power, and proven ticket marketing, selling, and tracking methods. The global community of entrepreneurs is hailing it as the new bible for business growth and success.

Reviewers worldwide have shared stellar feedback on the book. Munira Zahabi remarks, “This book is the best investment book on the market today… A must if you are serious about creating a platform for entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate to enhance their bottom line.”

Sharon Fillmore from Canada says, “There was so much great information in this book… if you use any kind of online or in-person meetings or events, it’s a must!” Another Canadian reader, Teresa Yeung, adds, “A good leader is hard to find, and Dr. Patricia is very knowledgeable in what she does and teaches. Trust this book to help some people to shine and bring their messages out.”

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About Dr. Patricia Rogers

Dr. Patricia Rogers is the CEO of Unity In Service, Inc., a retired Corrections Lieutenant with 29 years in law enforcement, where she trained thousands of employees to excel in their careers. She is a 12-year US Army veteran and a St. Thomas University graduate. Over the years, Dr. Rogers has transformed her unique gifts and talents into a thriving business, positioning herself as a Visibility Strategist, 2 x Winning International Public Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, Business Coach, and Virtual Event Coordinator.

Her “Inspirational Breakthrough System” is a highly successful platform that offers strategies, promotes personal development, and builds confidence. With her vast experience in law enforcement, she brings an edge in technology and systems to coach entrepreneurs on using the proper techniques to grow their businesses.

Annually, she hosts and organizes quarterly conferences and workshops, virtually creating a platform for entrepreneurs to speak and sell their products, increase leads, and build more profitable relationships. Dr. Rogers exposes entrepreneurs through LIVE interviews and teaches them how to host online events effectively. As a Head of Theophany University in Haiti, she uniquely recommends individuals for the “Honorary of Doctor of Humanity Award” for completed work and service.

Dr. Rogers has been featured in many magazines and has received numerous awards. Connect with her at DrPatRogers.vcardinfo.com/