Dr. Nic Lucas Launches SalesVamp to Generate Sales Based on the Psychology of Buying

Online marketers and business owners are engaged in a constant struggle to attract the attention of customers in a noisy space of competition that’s trying to “Sell! Sell! Sell!”

The traditional approach of pushing prospects to a shopping cart or sales page creates a less than satisfying purchasing experience. Using the brain-science of behavior change, Dr. Lucas has created a better way to generate sales and a community of satisfied customers, with SalesVamp.

The sales results of business owners are limited by their ability to use current technology to its fullest extent. This is partly because existing solutions can create frustration. They are too complicated or not flexible enough to adapt to the unique needs of every business. This often results hacked together web solutions and clunky mashups of complicated technology that don’t produce the desired results. Business owners are left frustrated at their inability to have a system that ‘just works’.

SalesVamp is a well-structured, robust solution for selling products or services online. It turns prospects into buyers, often before an offer is ever presented to them. SalesVamp enables business owners to easily combine multiple offers in one seamless customer journey, with the customer selecting which offers they’d like to accept with just a single click.

Dr. Lucas is a scientist, entrepreneur, author, and business coach who is committed to turning modern brain research into a tool for business and personal success.

“While operating my health care practice, I was bombarded by pitches from sales reps. It was annoying and exhausting,” recalls Dr. Lucas.

“When I began thinking about how my ideal web platform should work, I approached it from a medical perspective. I thought, why not approach the online sales process the same way a doctor treats a patient. Before deciding on the right prescription, I have to take the time to find out exactly what the patient needs and what will make them better.” explains Dr. Lucas.

“Sales should take the same insightful and purposeful approach. Often, at the end of a consultation, the client may need more than one product or service. It should be easy for them to just say ‘yes’ to what they need and get everything in the same transaction. This not only serves the client, it also increases the average transaction size for the business owner.”

Infused with Dr. Lucas’ buyer creation technology, SalesVamp is a friction-free and flexible platform that gently walks prospects through an intuitive sales process using one-click upsell and down-sell functionality.

Leveraging Dr. Lucas’ understanding of consumer psychology, SalesVamp also creates a community of buyers that fuels a higher level of emotional engagement with the brand. This motivates each additional purchases and increases the average lifetime value of customers.

To learn more about how SalesVamp can transform a sales process and establish a lasting connection between business and customers, visit NicLucas.com/salesvamp.