Dr. Mayda Cox Overcomes Fears And Provides Pain Relief Through Effective Gentle Treatment

Dr Mayda Cox, a leading chiropractor out of Costa Mesa, CA reveals a breakthrough chiropractic treatment method that avoids traditional and possibly painful manual manipulations. Known as the “Activator” treatment method this gentle approach fits the needs of people who may not have been able to see a chiropractor due to pre-existing medical conditions or are fearful of “back-wrenching” adjustments.

“At our chiropractic office we are able to help all types of patients.” Dr. Cox states. “Normally people might have been fearful of seeing a chiropractor. This may have resulted from bad experiences shared by friends or advice from a family doctor. However by using the ‘Activator’ method we are able to provide pain relief and alleviate numerous physical ailments without any of the traditional ‘back cracking.’ This allows me to work with the elderly, stroke survivors and even people who have undergone disk fusion surgeries.”

This statement by Dr. Cox is echoed by Dr Arlan Fuhr noted expert on the “Activator” chiropractic method. DR Fuhr states “The Activator Method is one of the most widely-researched chiropractic techniques and the only instrument adjusting technique with clinical trials to support its efficacy.  Activator Methods has published hundreds of clinical and scientific peer-reviewed papers, worked with major academic research institutions, and received grants from recognized entities like the National Institutes of Health.”

At one time Dr Cox practiced physical manipulation in her chiropractic practice. But through the years she knew there had to be a more effective method that could be applied to a greater segment of potential patients who needed relief but could not endure common chiropractor adjustments due to a variety of pre-existing medical conditions. The “Activator” treatment method changed all of this. The “Activator” is a small hand held device that provides low impact, high speed mechanical force adjustments to specifically targeted areas on the body. Dr. Cox concluded that the “Activator” was the needed solution to treat patients who could not endure a high torsion manual adjustment.

A doctor of chiropractic using the “Activator” method would do a series of body movement evaluations in her practice to pinpoint exactly what areas of the body need adjustments. After the gentle application of low impact, high speed force adjustments from the device the doctor would once again ask the patient to perform the same body motions. The new range of motions would provide the doctor with quantifiable metrics to measure if the adjustments had held. Numerous case studies have shown the “Activator” method to be just as effective as traditional adjustments without any of the potential for physical harm. Additional case studies have shown this method to provide various forms of relief for a variety of physical ailments

With this method Dr Cox has treated hundreds of satisfied patients who have been able to experience relief for the first time due to this “kinder, gentler approach”

Dr Cox Stresses this is not some miracle cure but a treatment method based in science to help manage pain and discomfort for various skeletal and soft tissue conditions. For information about Dr. Cox and the “Activator” method visit http://drmaydacox.com