Dr. Marlin Gill Rejuvenates And Transforms Skin Without Painful Procedures

With technological advances, anyone seeking beautiful skin now has access to cosmetic improvements without having to endure much pain or downtime. Many patients who come to Elamar, located in Decatur, Alabama, are seeking a better alternative after having had previous cosmetic procedures that were painful, produced poor results, or both. Dr. Marlin Gill emphasizes his clinic’s focus on minimizing pain in cosmetic procedures. “We’re very meticulous about our pain management. We keep our patients very comfortable.” Amy Little, a client of Elamar couldn’t be happier with the chemical peel treatments she has received, “Dr. Gill did a great job sloughing off all the dead skin cells. Your skin afterwards is flawless. It is not painful…and after three or four days, I had fresh, baby smooth skin.”

In September, Dr. Gill opened the first dedicated medical spa of its kind in the Decatur area, designed to create an incredible experience for people seeking to rejuvenate their mind, body, and skin in a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility. Elamar’s spa is equipped with Canfield’s Vectra H1 3D imaging system. Vectra is a 3-dimensional imaging device that takes photographs of patients and then uses software to construct a 3D image. Dr. Gill is thrilled to offer this unique tool during consults with his patients, “I can now show clients the exact results of a procedure ahead of time. This allows me to eliminate the inefficiencies of verbal communication. You get what you see, no more confusion or misunderstanding on my end or the client’s. Having a peace of mind before your procedure is invaluable. We provide that by removing any questions and doubts about how you will look.”

Dr. Gill is an experienced Physician with 27 years of practice in the medical industry. For 7 consecutive years, he has been voted the “Best of the Best” Family Physician by The Decatur Daily Reader’s Choice Poll. With the opening of Elamar in Decatur, Alabama, Dr. Gill extends his medical expertise to individuals seeking affordable, pain-free non-surgical cosmetic improvements to rejuvenate their skin.

Elamar offers a diverse line-up of cosmetic procedures facilitated by new medical technologies. Dr. Gill combines nonsurgical procedures, professional aesthetic treatments, and medical grade skin care products in a customized skin care plan for each patient. Anti-aging, facial restoration and skin rejuvenation strategies can include dermal fillers, chemical peels, Botox and the InvisaLift liquid facelift.

For more information on Elamar and Dr. Marlin Gill please visit: http://www.ElamarSkinScience.com or call (256) 355-9040 to request a free consultation. Offices are located at 2422 Danville Rd., SW, Suite E, Decatur, AL 35603.