Dr. Len Schwartz Teaches Physicians And Health Professionals How To Use LinkedIn To Gain New Business And Build A Network

Dr. Len Schwartz is the creator of more than 15 networking and professional groups on LinkedIn (the social networking site for professionals). He helps professionals and small businesses network and form groups to exchange information and help each other with referrals. According to LinkedIn, one of Dr. Schwartz’s professional networking groups has over 50,000 members and is in the top 1% of groups on the site.

Dr. Schwartz runs Pro2Pro Network, a company he founded in 2004 which specializes in helping professionals make the most of LinkedIn. He has brought to life for many business owners the benefits of LinkedIn and that it was originally intended to connect people through business and professional interests for networking and referral possibilities.

Dr. Schwartz gives out LinkedIn, business, networking and referral tips and tricks every week in his biggest group on LinkedIn, “Networking for Business and Professionals.” Currently, several of Dr. Schwartz’s networking groups are focused on helping physicians and other health professionals network more effectively. One of the biggest problems he has observed on LinkedIn is that professionals set up a LinkedIn page and forget about it, expecting it to somehow grow and provide new business opportunities without them doing any work.

“Pro2Pro Network is the largest professional network in North America,” Dr. Schwartz explains, “We are like a Match.com for professionals, we provide doctors and professionals with the ability to meet other doctors and professionals in their city that are actively looking to meet, work with and/or refer to them.”

Pro2 Pro is making it easier for doctors and professionals to get together and establish referral relationships and share their knowledge and expertise. Pro2Pro is not only giving doctors and professionals the opportunity to make a referral connection, but to also work with some of the top people in their areas and gain more knowledge from their peers. “If you asked any doctor, any professional, who makes the best new patients or clients, the answer is normally referrals. The biggest problem that most have is getting in front of the referral source that is equally interested in establishing a referral relationship with them. That is what Pro2Pro does, we provide the solution for them,” says Dr. Schwartz.

David Zoellner explains, “I have found Pro2Pro Network to be a great resource to get in front of CPAs and Attorneys. Pro2Pro scheduled a meeting for me to meet with a partner in the 16th largest CPA firm in the country with over 3 billion in revenues per year. The CPA and I are now both excited to be working/marketing together and Pro2Pro Network made it all happen. I’ve been in practice for 24 years and have had more success with CPAs than ever before.” Zac Majors says, “Pro2Pro is a great organization to work with. Any advisor looking to secure relationships with other professionals in their area should look no further than Pro2Pro.”

For more information about Dr. Len Schwartz and Pro2Pro Network, please visit: http://www.pro2pronetwork.com. Or, join one of his biggest groups on LinkedIn: “Networking for Business and Professionals.”