Dr. Joseph Jensen Is Shaping Bodies For The Better With Smart Laser Liposuction

Asking about liposuction is intimidating for most people. Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing the leading laser liposuction practitioner in Utah to help ameliorate any cosmetic surgery concerns. Dr. Joseph Jensen, DO, has been performing medical and cosmetic procedures for more than fifteen years. Dr. Jensen is meticulous in his work, and uses minimally invasive procedures that provide long-term results. Above all else, Dr. Jensen is available to answer his patients’ questions and provide support throughout the entire process.

Interviewer: There’s been a lot of talk about SmartLipo recently. Can you explain the difference between regular liposuction and SmartLipo?

Dr. Joseph Jensen: First, SmartLipo is liposuction; with the added benefit that lasers bring. Using lasers as an aid accomplishes three things for patients. One is better fat removal, as the laser melts the fat. Additionally, SmartLipo reduces recovery time by months, and as a minimally invasive procedure, SmartLipo provides less bleeding and bruising.

Finally, our laser actually tightens the skin over the treated area. Patients, afflicted with fat and cellulite that has stretched their skin, won’t see loose skin after laser liposuction procedures. The laser in SmartLipo enhances collagen development. Traditional liposuction costs the same and does take less time, but it’s a worse procedure for patients. SmartLipo provides better results. Really, it’s a no-brainer.

Interviewer: When a patient is seeking SmartLipo, or any cosmetic procedure, what is the most important thing they should consider when choosing a surgeon?

Dr. Joseph Jensen: When you’re choosing a surgeon, it’s not always about the diploma on the wall. A doctor can have a diploma, but they might not have the visualization skills to see the final outcome. You want a surgeon that is meticulous. Taking the time to achieve perfection, means your surgeon needs to be experienced and able to envision true results.

Make a point to speak with your surgeon. Get all the details and ask questions to understand what the outcome will be from the procedure. Especially with any cosmetic surgery, you want to have a surgeon who is upfront and honest with you. Your surgeon should want to take the time with you to make you happy. It’s a personality thing, an aptitude. Your surgeon should put in the time and effort to see the perfect result in his or her mind. Visualization is the key to great results.

Interviewer: What makes your practice the premier location for SmartLipo and cosmetic surgery?

Dr. Joseph Jensen: I’ve been in this practice for more than 16 years now. I strive to provide patients with the utmost care. Seeing people for general surgery or cosmetic procedures, I want my patients to hold me to high standards of excellence.

My goal when a patient enters my office is to make sure they leave with a huge smile on their face. I do things right. I take the time to make sure the patient is not only informed, but sees the results they sought me out to achieve.

People go into medicine to help people. It’s fun. I like that through this profession I can make a person feel good about who they are. I feel as though I’m making a difference in their life. To me, what I do, is like planting a bed of flowers. If you’re willing to take the time and energy to plant those flowers then, when you come home, there’s something beautiful to look at. You feel accomplished and satisfied. I live my life doing the things I’m good at, and I’m meticulous in my work. As a surgeon, I like to please people. I like to make my patients happy. If they’re happy, then I’m happy. What better way is there too live your life?

Interviewer: For more information about Laser Lipo procedures, or to see other services provided by Dr. Joseph Jensen, visit http://drjosephjensen.com. To make an appointment, all you need to do is call: (801) 728-9258.

About Dr. Joseph Jensen

Dr. Joseph Jensen’s laser liposuction and surgery practice is located in Layton, Utah. As the premier robotic surgeon in Utah, Dr. Joseph Jensen studied at Weber State and Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. Not only is he a practitioner of medicine, but an educator as well. Many doctors have requested his expertise to guide them in state-of-the-art procedures and technology.