Dr. Joanne Haupert, Chiropractor in Tucson, Arizona Launches Wellness Workshop Series to Help Her Community Improve Health and Wellbeing

Dr. Joanne Haupert is a professional Doctor of Chiropractic who has worked to help Arizonians with back pain and spinal injuries for two decades. She went into the field of chiropractic care after experiencing her own healing and transformation from Network Spinal Analysis and founded the Inspired Healing Clinic in 1997 to share what she learned and what helped her. 

Following her belief that “Knowledge is power,” she is launching a series of wellness workshops, designed with concrete strategies to better your life immediately. 

The series will include 10 Wellness Workshops, all with a focus on wellness information for the nervous system. There will be several hour-long workshops a month, usually in the afternoons or early evenings. Workshops are free of charge but limited to 15 attendees. 

These are just some of the workshop topics planned: 

  • Overcoming Depression – Strategies to improve your quality of life today, including how diet, posture, hormones, and sleep affect depression. Understand the danger of being in constant survival mode, the effect of repressed emotions on the mind and body, and your purpose and gifts.
  • Alzheimer’s – Dr. Haupert teaches powerful strategies or the prevention of Alzheimers.
  • Raising Healthy Children – Learn how to help children improve social skills and focus, why posture matters for kids, and how to encourage and sustain better eating habits.
  • Fibro, PTSD, Chronic Fatigue – Do you know you don’t have to suffer with these illnesses? Learn what they have in common, as well as concrete strategies for relief.
  • You Are What You Eat – Understand how modern processed foods negatively affect health, premature aging, and other aspects of your wellbeing.
  • Helping Kids with ADHD and Anger – Learn how to help the ADHD child with repressed emotions, constant survival mode, posture, and anger.
  • Build Immunity and Brain Power – Better understand the brain and effects of repressed emotions, sugar, diabetes, and brain health.


The workshops are a continuation of Dr. Haupert’s work in Arizona to transform and improve her patients’ lives with Chiropractic care and healthy living principles and techniques.

Learn More: http://www.inspiredhealing.org/