Dr. Jill Roberson – Pediatrician Using Smartphone Technology To Educate Parents

Jill Roberson, MD

Dr Jill Roberson,  a physician practicing pediatrics in Southern Pines, North Carolina is taking advantage of smartphone technology by using QR Codes to give parents quick and easy access to her educational video series.

Dr. Roberson has developed a series of educational videos ranging from subjects such as Newborn care, asthma education and Obesity prevention which she presents to parents in the form of a refrigerator magnet with a QR code on it.

The parents scan the QR code with their Smart Phones and a series of videos teach the parents about topics in Pediatric health care.  By using Dynamic QR Codes Dr. Roberson can change and update the videos and information parents are directed to anytime she wants without having to give new access instructions to parents.

When parents scan the QR Code on the refrigerator magnet, the latest information is automatically presented.

“Seventy Five to Nine Five percent of my daily activity is educating parents.” states Dr. Roberson. ” Being able to use Dynamic QR Codes as a tool to extend my efforts is like something out of the Star Wars movie.”

This innovation is enjoyed by the doctor and parents alike.  The parents are able to review the physician’s advice at their leisure and the doctor can rest assured the parents will have an excellent understanding of the information.  This cuts down on phone calls from confused parents and frees the doctor to care for more patients.

You can learn more about Dr. Roberson at http://NoCryingBabies.com