Dr. James Dentley, A Founding Member, A Proud Sponsor, Speaker & Legacy Award Recipient Of The City Summit & Gala Announces The 2020 City Summit & Gala Event On February 7th – 9th In Burbank Calf.

The reason that City Summit has the best network is that all the business leaders mentioned here have built a legacy of “growing so that they can give”. These leader’s vibe with the world-class business acceleration experience.

This year represents the highest amount of super successful entrepreneurs that they have ever assembled all in one place at the same time. For the 5th Annual Summit, there are many new editions of events within the Summit that make this opportunity once in a lifetime for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners.

Here are some of the events that will be happening at City Summit & Gala during February 7th – 9th 2020

  • Pitch Competition
  • Celebrity Poker Tournament
  • Speaker Spotlight
  • Mickey Mouse Club Celebrity Reunion #MMC30
  • Hugh Jackman meets & greet – Auction Experience.

Some of The Special Guest Speakers Include:

  • Robert Herjavec is best known for being an investor on the famous hit series SHARK TANK. His net worth is estimated at $300MM, and he is actively investing in more innovative companies.
  • Demi Moore will accept the City Gala Inspiration Award!!! She has recently written a memoir that recounts her life and includes subject matter related to her marriages to Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher…. but more importantly, she talks about her challenges of overcoming adversity and then becoming Hollywood’s highest-paid female performer of an era. We are excited that Demi is willing to share her empowering experiences and give a voice to many subject matters that align with the values of our Global Unity Foundation.
  • Jules Haimovitz, Co-Founder Showtime TV – Jules was a co-founder of Showtime TV, Vice-Chairman of Dick Clark Productions, and is a renowned entertainment mogul. He is also the form President of Viacom!!
  • Noel Lee, Founder Monster Inc., Noel is the inventor of the technology behind the Beats by Dre Headphones and his billion-dollar brand Monster Inc., is known worldwide as a leader in innovation
  • Dr. Sabrina Kay, Founder Fremont Investments. Dr. Kay sold her company for $3 Billion and then decided to use her investment fund as an impact investor across many verticals in business. Dr. Kay will present the inspiration award at City Gala 2020!
  • Peter Nguyen, Founder Ad Exchange. Peter has delivered over $1 Billion in ads for his clients. Peter is a serial entrepreneur and owns more than a half dozen 9-figure companies.
  • Jeff Hoffman, Global Serial Entrepreneur from Priceline.com & Ubids.com. Jeff was a founding pioneer of Priceline.com and spent his time investing in companies and promoting philanthropic endeavors.
  • Barrett Wissman, Chairman IMG Artists, Barrett, is the Chairman of the global leader in the performing and cultural arts entertainment business. A $200 Million enterprise that is dynamic, diverse, and innovative, IMG Artists is the worldwide leader in the performing arts management, projects, and events business.
  • James Dentley, Founder of Inspired2Speak inc and an Ambassador with Total Life Changes, Has trained over 500,000 people in over 16 countries. He is an expert on the subjects of Leadership, Communication, MLM, and Business development. He has been a coach and speaking mentor to some of the greatest speakers in the world!
  • Alec Stern, Co-Founder Constant Contact, Alec is a serial entrepreneur best known for founding Constant Contact, which sold for over $1 Billion as a publicly-traded company. Alec is also an investor in a vast array of businesses in the northeast of the United States
  • Youval Ziv, Founder Pacific Holdings Group, Youval has hundreds of properties under management and teaches entrepreneurs how to buy, flip, and sell homes to create financial freedom. He’s a highly successful business owner with a net worth north of $500 Million
  • Mark Victor Hansen, Mark has sold over 500,000,000 books and is a world-renowned author, philanthropist, and business strategist best known as a co-author of the famous book series Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • Richard Dreyfuss, Richard, is an Oscar award-winning actor and has founded the Dreyfuss Initiative to bring awareness and education about civic duty and constitutionalism.
  • Rhona Bennett, Rhona, is an award-winning musician best known for her part in the multi-platinum award-winning pop group EN VOGUE! She is also a motivational teacher and educates private clients on how to develop themselves personally.
  • Brian Tracy, Brian, is a pioneer in the business leadership community. Brian Tracy is a Canadian American motivational public speaker and self-development author. He is the author of over seventy books that have been translated into dozens of languages. His popular books are Earn What You’re Really Worth, Eat That Frog! And The Psychology of Achievement.
  • Lynn Rose, Lynn, is hands down the best emcee for entrepreneurship events on planet earth! She is returning to WOW us with her stage presence and educate us on her success. Speaker, Media Entrepreneur, and Award-Winning Entertainer, Lynn Rose, is the go-to catalyst for getting you or your organization to world-class performance. She’s also contracted by entrepreneurs to help launch their careers.
  • Brian MacMahon, Founder Expert Dojo, Brian has invested in over 40 startups, and his facility serves as a beacon to entrepreneurs in the Los Angeles community

The City Summit is sponsored by IBM – Surkus – James Dentley founder of Inspired2Speak – Icon Media Group – Jake Havron – Rightlane Productions – ZM Interactive – Michele Malo – Karen Perry – Craig Shelly – Laughlin Associates – Tyler’s Coffees – Vicky Schettini

For more information, go to https://citysummit.co/.