Dr. Helen H. Hu, OMD, L.Ac, San Diego Traditional Chinese Medicine | Diet Therapy Restoring A Body

Dr. Helen H. Hu, OMD, L.Ac, of San Diego is quoted in her book, Body Without Mystique, “Each of us, as a unique individual, as part of Nature, must follow nature’s laws to empower our body to restore it to its maximum capacity. As we come to understand that Mother Earth provides herbs, plants, seeds and nuts of all kinds we will understand that to reach a maximum life span means knowing how to choose the right kinds of food to fit one’s own natural body, empowering it for healing.”

Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest and holistic medical system in the world that emphasizes the importance of harmony and balance to maintain optimal health and prevent the occurrence of certain diseases. It views the human body as an important part of the universe because every action made can influence or disturb the flow of energy within it. This is the reason why Traditional Chinese Medicine is focused on regaining a state of equilibrium through therapeutic methods like acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, mind and body exercises (Qigong and Tai Chi), Chinese massage (Tui Na) and diet therapy.

Typically, the Chinese medicine considers diet therapy as the first treatment to individuals who suffer from an illness and those who want to maintain a state of balance. It is thought that the stomach and spleen are the two vital organs for digestion and assimilation of food. Thus, diet therapy focuses on eating foods that do not disrupt the function of these two organs. Foods are believed to have five energies (hot, cold, warm, cool or neutral) and they create lasting sensation to the human body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the sensations from foods are important to relieve illness or prevent the symptoms. For instance, if the arthritis pain becomes severe during cold winter days, an individual is advised to take foods that have hot or warm energy in order to reduce the pain in the joints.

Moreover, it is also necessary in diet therapy to eat at regular times and take foods that are grown close to home. The fresher the food is, the greater the amount of energy that one can have. Chinese medicine is unique in its own way because it does not only consider the nutrients of foods but also the energies, preparation, flavors and even its movement to different body organs.

Dr. Hu tells us that in China, “TCM, Western Medicine and public health schools are on the same campus. TCM and Western Medicine are integrated.” Regardless of the specialty, each student gets training in both.

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