Dr. H.L. Greenberg And Former Miss America Ericka Dunlap Explain “Fresh Canvas” Tattoo Removal At Las Vegas Dermatology

Dr. H.L. Greenberg, owner and operator of Las Vegas Dermatology, began offering laser tattoo removal services several years ago at his full service dermatology practice in Las Vegas. The demand grew as a consequence of the increasing popularity of tattoos. Many people are finding that the tattoo they thought they would have for life now needs to be removed.

The reasons for removal are as varied as the people who come into Las Vegas Dermatology. Some want the tattoo or tattoos removed due to the fact that they are entering the corporate world. For others, it’s as simple as wanting to remove the name of a former spouse.

2004 Miss America winner Ericka Dunlap found herself in a similar situation. She was a contestant in the reality television show “The Amazing Race.” Traveling the world and bonding with her fellow contestants, they all felt a tattoo would preserve their relationship. As the years passed she found the tattoo had outlived its usefulness.
“We wanted to forever document and seal our relationship, and in doing so the eight of us got a tattoo together. Now that I don’t desire to be forever bonded with them, it’s pointless. I’m a role model and it’s not good for my personal brand.” Ms. Dunlap explained.

RevLite SI is a new generation of laser designed to efficiently remove tattoos with a minimal number of treatments. This is the type of laser Dr. Greenberg used to remove Ms. Dunlap’s tattoo.

“I have had three treatments and the tattoo is 95% gone. The entire process was seamless. Dr. Greenberg was very patient and gave me a lot of information about what was going to happen. I was nervous, but the pain was minimal. It hurt more to get the tattoo than to remove it.” Ms. Dunlap elaborated.

“We did a consultation beforehand where he asked me questions about the tattoo. So he got the information and then informed me about the removal of the tattoo. He asked me if I was ready to make the commitment of removing the tattoo. He explained the possibility of having multiple sessions. And he wanted to make sure I was willing to see it through to the end result.” she said.

In 2011 Dr. Greenberg opened a division of his practice called “Fresh Canvas” devoted to tattoo lightening and removal. Before any patient is treated they are asked a series of questions to determine their goals. There are several different factors that affect the number of treatments needed. These include the color of ink, age of the tattoo, location and even skin type of the person being treated.

“We make sure we completely understand the patient’s goals and reasons for tattoo removal. In turn, we let the patient know how many treatments are needed and what the final result will look like. Our goal is to make the whole process as seamless as possible” Dr. Greenberg explained.

Ms. Dunlap summarized her feelings on the entire experience. “Dr. Greenberg and his staff were very thoughtful and considerate to my concerns about the laser process and I’m glad I did my removal with Dr. Greenberg.”
You can find out more about “Fresh Canvas” and the laser tattoo removal procedure at Las Vegas Dermatology by calling Dr. Greenberg directly at 702-456-3120. You can also find more details on the Las Vegas Dermatology website by visiting lasvegasdermatology.com/services/tattoo-removal.