Dr. Fabio Moro Brings Relevancy to Leadership Development in the Online Classroom

The academic world is rapidly changing as Internet technology continues to infiltrate the classroom. Once upon a time, a busy adult had few options available for returning to school. Now, thanks to the Internet, plethoras of online schools have arisen as options for the busy adult, with children and a full-time job, to return to school. The adult learner; however, wants more than technology, they desire the need to be recognized for prior knowledge built through experience.

Fabio Moro. PhD, who teaches leadership development and change management at the Forbes College of Business, encourages all students to share their real world experiences in the virtual classroom to bridge theory with practice. Dr. Moro not only uses tools provided by the university, but he also tries to apply sound andragogical concepts when teaching leadership development and change management related courses.

For the online learner, the learning experience can sometimes feel isolated. Initiating online discussions centered on what is happening in the lives of students helps students share prior knowledge and makes learning relevant.

“I think the busy working adult appreciates the ability to share knowledge acquired through experience. I sense students sometimes feel confined, within a box, when focusing solely on theory—especially when they believe the theories are not in alignment with their own reality. The challenge is in allowing students to see how theory applies to their experiences or how theory can add value to their experiences” said Dr. Moro.

Dr. Moro suggests that one reason the adult learner is attracted to the online modality is the online modality offers flexibility and a way to attend classes without adding to what might already be a long commute time from work. Dr. Moro argues that adult learners appreciate the ability to relate course concepts to their own background and experience.

“When I teach leadership development a course, the goal is to have students apply the concepts to their own workplace, to examine how a concept might, or might not, align with their own reality. To think about their own organizational culture and the role their leaders play in it. I believe this process helps students think more critically about leadership,” said Dr. Moro.

Dr. Moro brings several years of teaching, training, and coaching experience into the classroom. In partnership with Dave Guerra, CEO of Corpus Optima, he champions servant leadership and the need for leaders to lead with authenticity and integrity.

Dr. Moro can be reach through his Facebook Fanpage for consulting, coaching, and speaking engagements.