Dr. Abdul Bazzy, DDS, Participated In The National Children Dental Health Month

Northridge dentist Dr. Abdul Bazzy, DDS, and his staff participated in the National Children Health Month by educating families about the importance of dental health in children at an early age in February.

Bazzy joined a growing chorus of dental voices who highlighted the importance of early preventive dental care in children. This position is rapidly being adopted by dentists everywhere and even amongst the ranks of government dental professionals.

According to Dr. Bazzy, “addressing dental health as early as possible is one of the most important things a parent can do. Developing good dental habits early on will not only set children on the path to strong teeth and good gum health, but it will prevent problems as they age and, in the end, save a lot of money and a lot of time in the dental chair.”

Dentists at the pediatric center of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center participated in the Children’s Dental Health Month activities and have recently implemented policies to advocate for early dental care.

“We are strong advocates for early preventative dental care because there is nothing more frustrating or more tragic than seeing something that could have been prevented,” said one of their top pediatric dentists, Dr. Clayton Cheung.

Bazzy plans to continue his advocacy and outreach on behalf of early children’s dental care and has even taken his work into nations of Africa to speak about the importance of dental care in children and initiative programs and dialogue with local dentists in various places throughout the continent.

“I am very honored to be interviewed and recognized for participating in National Children’s Dental Health Month,” explained Bazzy. “My practice is a family dental office and I see a lot of children, so if I can reinforce good dental health early, it will stay with them as adults.”

To learn more about Dr. Bazzy and his important work with children’s dental care, visit http://goo.gl/0d4vHO, his website http://www.dentistnorthridge.org/ or call 818.734.6696 to speak with a representative of the practice.