Doug Albee, Riverside, CA Used Car Dealer | Understanding The Used Car Buying Process

Doug Albee, a Riverside, CA Used Car Dealer says, “The process of purchasing used cars does not have to be overly complex or confusing. You can get great value from a previously owned vehicle while still enjoying comfort and superior aesthetics.”

Doug’s statement is largely due to the fact that new cars devalue quickly, whereas used options are more likely to retain resale values that are much closer to their purchase prices. The following guidelines will show you how to get a reliable, attractive car without overspending.

Choosing A Seller And Evaluating Your Prospects

There will always be more risk in working with private sellers given that these individuals are far less accountable for the autos that they offload. There are a number of reputable, used car dealers that offer factory restored cars. These vehicles will have all manufacturer-supplied parts and they will often come with solid, albeit short warranties. You’ll spend a bit more to purchase a used car off the lot, but should things ever go awry, you’ll have a sure form of recourse and may even be able to get your vehicle serviced by the seller.

Vehicle History Reports

One of the most important parts of purchasing a used vehicle is learning more about its past owners, their commitment to maintenance and any auto insurance claims that have been filed in relation to the car. It is currently too easy for buyers to secure comprehensive, up to date and accurate reports pertaining to vehicle histories and thus, there is no excuse for skipping this step. This is the best thing that drivers can do to protect their interests, whether they are purchasing autos from private sellers or licensed dealers.

A vehicle history report tracks all of the details and developments pertaining to a car by its VIN number. Every time a vehicle is taken in to get serviced, information concerned the maintenance and repairs that are supplied is added to the report. The report will also show you whether the car was involved in any accidents and if it has ever been totaled out. The greatest scam in the used car business is to fix up and sell cars that have already been taken off the market by insurers. Working with dealers who provide these reports free of charge or buying one for yourself will help you to sidestep this type of scam. You should also use the web to look up the Blue Book value of a vehicle according to its make, model, year and current condition and compare this with the data that is provided by other auto valuation platforms.

Warranties And Vehicle Service Agreements

It may be worthwhile to look for extended warranties and vehicle service agreements that you can add to your purchase. These will cover the costs of unexpected repairs. Although used cars can be in prime condition, it is important to note that these autos have often sustained some form of wear and tear. Budgeting for a service agreement will make it easier for you to retain the overall functionality and value of your investment.


Negotiating is a large part of the process of purchasing used cars. Sellers tend to be more flexible when setting prices for these autos and thus, those with good negotiating skills tend to fare best. It is important to establish a “walk away” point before entering into negotiations. This is the point at which you will be willing to walk away from an option if the seller is unwilling to move close enough to your target price. It is also vital to spend time shopping around so that you have alternative options to pursue. Having other options will empower you in negotiations and it can make it easier to remain firm in your resolve to get a good deal.

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