Dogs Enlighten Humans Through Kathy Tarochione’s Dog Connection WebTV Series

“Dog-talking” Kathy Tarochione and her pet media production company, Picture A Moment Pet Productions LLC, are giving pet owners a fun-filled opportunity to discover the joy and benefits of connecting better with their dogs through a creative, daily webTV series: The Dog Connection TV.

Using “dog talk,” these shows give dogs their “voice” sharing life and news from the dog’s point of view. With themes covering the gamut from important life lessons dogs teach their people, to cooking and safety, as well as comfort on the loss of a beloved pet, the five weekly “webisodes” include:

– Life Lessons From My Dog
– The Dog Trained People Show
– Charlie and Friends Show
– The Canine Chefs Show
– The Rainbow Bridge Show

The shows feature combinations of real dogs, expert trainers and owners, in addition to creator Kathy Tarochione, lead-actor-host Charlie Tarochione (Canine Reporter), 3D animation, plus video clips and stories selected from among those shared by The Dog Connection’s “Family Pack” community.

The Dog Connection WebTV series builds on the demonstrated fact that when people are enlightened to the power of the relationship they already have with their dogs and nurture it, their own lives will improve dramatically. With the help of dogs, this awareness should bring action that’s often been lacking.

Tarochione has long been aware of how smart pets are, and how they teach people how to act toward them. Most people just haven’t clearly understood the depth and nuances.

When as a pet lover and dog owner she learned “dog talk” back in the 1970’s, Tarochione’s life truly changed. She could walk up to strange dogs and they would read her language and weren’t afraid. She learned to read theirs, too, much akin to the dog whisper.

Most important, over time she developed an ever deeper understanding of her own beloved pets. This resulted in stronger communication, understanding and real bonding beyond expectations.

Tarochione believes there wouldn’t be so much human loneliness, torn up households, mismatches in pet adoption, dog abuse and abandonment if people only understood what she learned. There wouldn’t be over 5,500 dogs killed every day in shelters in the U.S.

So she began helping pet owners open their eyes to the fullness of what their pet relationships can be and how the world appears to dogs, one-by-one then through art galleries, social media and video.

A gifted digital artist and 3D animation specialist, Tarochione artistically presented pet “Life Stories” from photos and owner remembrances. She helped owners in their grief over the passing of a beloved canine family member with heart-warming memorials. As a “PhoDOGrapher” and “ViDOGrapher,” she created artistic productions from pet photographs and combined them into albums and videos.

Then Tarochione conceived The Canine Community Reporters: canines reporting news from the dog’s perspective using the voices of their owners. Initially, it was a marketing strategy to bring awareness of dog intelligence, how they think, what people can learn from them, and the plight of pet rescues. aims at spreading awareness that most Shelter dogs are neither homeless mutts nor people attackers, but abandoned pets that want nothing more than to go home. Many simply need loving care and the security of consistent, fair leadership.

Tarochione sends Canine Community Reporters to shelters, rescue groups and pet businesses to tell what “animals behind bars” are really thinking. A percentage of her pet artistry proceeds goes to help shelters keep these animals alive and foster adoption.

The groundswell of interest and stories pouring in from “canine friends” led to the expanded concept of The Dog Connection TV Network with Canine Reporters playing an important role. The content is rich, diverse and eye-opening. Top flight media production pros and pet leaders have joined the team.

If response to the series launch is any indication, dog owners are hungry for this unique perspective on life and news through dogs’ eyes. In just the first three days following the series’ November launch, Tarochione saw more than a four-fold increase in views, likes and shares of the videotaped shows and The Dog Connection TV Facebook page.

That’s not surprising given the powerful human-pet bond and the demonstrated public fascination with stories about amazing, sometimes life-saving feats by canines helping people. Even The New York Times is affected, where dog stories in its national section are 2.6 times more likely to get picked up (NBC News).

Tarochione promises rewarding dog stories and insights, adding:

“In The Dog Connection WebTV series, dogs will teach their people how they live such inspiring lives. They will share their secrets to unconditional love, loyalty and that wonderful feeling of happiness when they are around.”

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