Diamond Cargo Trailers Factory Outlet Gives Consumers Access To Cargo Trailers At Wholesale Prices

Travis Norris, Marketing Director of USA Cargo Trailer, started Trailers Now to give the general public access to Diamond Cargo trailers at wholesale prices. Their services allow consumers needing trailers to save by buying directly from their facility in Douglas Georgia. When trailers are sold via retailers there is a markup to cover the cost of transporting the trailers, cost for their facilities, and cost for sales and admin staff.

If someone is buying a trailer they obviously have a vehicle they can tow it with, and since trailers are on wheels to start with, it is a rather simple process to buy the cargo trailer directly.

Norris stated, “With the economy still struggling for the middle class, many people for the additional income needed for this kind of a purchase and we wanted to give them the availability to obtain the best built enclosed cargo trailer at a huge savings over buying from retailers.”  He continued, “Diamond Cargo builds some of the highest quality enclosed cargo trailers and offers the best warranties in the business.  We are just making the best available at an affordable price to people whether they are buying for life, work or recreational reasons.  We want them to be confident in moving all their belonging, work gear or especially enjoying life and their toys earned from lots of hard work”

His sentiments were in agreement with Sentier Research co-founder and former Census Bureau official Gordon Green who commented, “Even though we are technically in an economic recovery, real median annual household income is having a difficult time maintaining its present level, much less recovering.” Investors.com recently reported, “Since the economic recovery started in June 2009, household incomes are down 5.7%, the Sentier data show, and they are down more than 8% since 2001.”

With the financial climate as it is today for the middle class, many consumers are moving to wherever they can find work and need trailers to move their belongings.  With the high cost of rentals for one-way moves, many people find it more appealing to buy the trailer and have it is an asset they can use or resell in the future. Many other people are enjoying nature and outdoor sports and have accrued some great recreational vehicles.  People with motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and many types of race cars need a reliable transport and storage capability for these devices. Many contractors and other service industry individuals need a way to transport all of their tools and rental items and sites of prospective customers.  Diamond Cargo provides the resource they need while being one of the only companies to offer a five-year warranty on all its enclosed cargo trailers.

The Baxter family in South Carolina left a thank you for Trailers Now: ” We bought our trailer from Trailers Now and they were really nice to deal with….We bought an 8.5×20 trailer to move our family…it was really easy to purchase and we really appreciate how professional they were…we took that trailer and we sold it already and we actually ended up getting almost as much for it as we paid for it… so we didn’t really end up having any cost to move our family.”

Mr. Norris concluded, “If you are buying a trailer, check on specifications, warranties and get some customer reviews, so that you are as safe as possible and can enjoy your purchase for years to come.”

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