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The journey began on a fall day in Cupertino, California, where Daniel Puder entered this world ready to create massive social impact. Being that his mother was an educator and his father an entrepreneur, Deputy Puder had the perfect example of what it meant to bring about change in this world. From a very early age, Daniel had a big dream – to serve in the military and become a law enforcement officer.

As a teen, Daniel joined the Santa Clara County Sheriff Department Cadet Program, but to his disappointment, this time was short lived, after he was sent to Juvenile detention for fighting. His experience in the program fostered a new sense of discipline and drive that taught him how to use his talents to create more opportunities in his life.

Soon after, he embarked on a journey as a professional MMA fighter. This new chapter catapulted Deputy Puder into a very successful career, holding the title of undefeated heavyweight fighter and winner of WWE’s Million Dollar Tough Enough Challenge. Although Daniel traveled the world and fully enjoyed the opportunities that his career afforded, he wanted to give his life greater meaning, and understood that he was destined to use his gifts to create worldwide social impact.

In 2010, he took a big leap by announcing on TMZ that he was standing up to bullying. His proposition was irrefutable and he let the millions of youth watching know that if they were experiencing bullying, he would show up to their schools. Daniel received an overwhelming response from all over the world. He heard the distraught voices loud and clear, and decided to form his non-profit organization My Life My Power (MLMP) to offer solutions for schools and communities..

MLMP is a non-profit organization that provides evidence-based Emotional Intelligence (EQ) curriculum and trainings to educators, schools, law enforcement agencies, corporations and communities. The organization was created with the mission to empower individuals with the tools necessary to not only envision a prosperous future, but also create a better life that is based on purpose and significance. Daniel, soon after, began working with schools, the Juvenile Justice and Foster Care systems, Los Angeles School Police Department, NASRO, Police Athletic League, NASLEO and PTA’s around America.

Daniel understands the power of building relationships and having mentors in his life who support his vision to inspire and impact educators and law enforcement officers. He understands how support, guidance, and practical tools can help create faster results.  

In order to continue the pursuit of his goals and add value and skills to his life, now Deputy Puder participated in the ATF, DEA and FBI civilian academies. He recognized that a powerful way to expand his mission was to share his message within schools, law enforcement agencies and other community-driven organizations. Daniel began speaking and training in California, Texas, Arizona, New York, Virginia, DC and Florida, as well as in the FBI National Academy.  

In order to continue to create socially-driven solutions, he formed a School System called My Life My Power International Preparatory Academy (MLMPI PA) in 2018. In 2019, the school became a globally corporate accredited school system through the AdvancED accrediting agency. Through this platform, Daniel has created a systematic plan to build private schools nationwide with strategic partnerships to provide opportunities for learners all over the world to realize their full potential.

In January 2019, Daniel’s childhood dream to serve as a law enforcement officer became reality. Sheriff Bobby May and Asst. Chief Deputy Eddie Adamson of the St. Francis County Sheriff’s Department in Arkansas brought Daniel on as a Deputy because they wanted to make an impact with youth in their community. Daniel is supporting this by joining and equipping law enforcement personnel, educators, and local community members with the tools to create sustainable impact with our youth through Community Policing.

One of Daniel’s greatest skills is connecting and creating solutions. He currently developed a partnership with Dan Salter, the Executive Director of the Atlanta-Carolinas High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area “HIDTA” out of the Office On Drug Control Policy “ONDCP” in the White House. This joint partnership infuses  evidence-based EQ curriculum with drug prevention training for educators, law enforcement, and communities.

Deputy Daniel Puder has spent many years cultivating and building his team and companies to create change and impact the world on a large scale. His personal motto is “Significance Breeds Success”. “Success is what happens to you… and Significance is what happens through you”. This motto is the inspiration behind the title of his Podcast, Ted Talk and new book, arriving later this year, titled “Significance Breeds Success”.

It’s exciting to imagine what the future will hold and how millions of lives will forever be changed by Daniel’s vision. One thing is a guarantee – Daniel Konrad Puder is committed to impact the world and support others on their personal journeys to create a more equitable, loving, and prosperous world.  

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