Deps P/L of Australia Introduces Relationship Marketing

In response to marketing in the next decade, Deps P/L announces it has implemented strategies that will create better relationships with its clients.

Deps P/L of Australia, a manufacturer of bore casing , screens and accessories, recognizes that marketing methods that are used at this point in time will have to radically change for the next decade. Clients today are completely marketed to in a different way than in the last decade, Technology has been one of the biggest causes of change in the way we connect to our clients.

By keeping up with the changes and adapting new procedures, clients will be happier and find it easier to connect with Deps. Why make enemies when you can make friends.

Peter Drucker echoes it loudly on the importance of Innovation. To be able to make the changes needed for the business to succeed in the near future. These innovations have to be simple for the client or you run the risk of losing them.

Greg Satell former Ceo of KP Media states “digital technology has changed marketing forever, we must make the shift from grabbing attention to holding attention and also we need to learn to be more like publishers”.

Deps first steps  towards changing for the future will be to create articles on “How to” topics,  this  will be on ways to help the client overcome  their problem and issues,  create calculators online making it easy for them to have the answer  they need while working in the field by using their smart phone or tablet. Deps has been learning these new strategies from Marketing Ezi and other experts in the marketing field.

By having the right marketing methods we have many a happy client; one of these is Gavin “Gavin was full of praises telling Paul that we where a fantastic company to work with. Gavin Egan – Yarram.

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