Deb Roberge Helps Dentists Manage Their Teams Thus Enhancing Patient Care And Practice Productivity

With over 35 years in the dental arena, Deb Roberge has most recently concentrated her efforts in team development, exit strategies, and team harmony. Having a past history as a clinical assistant, dental office business administrator, crown and bridge lab owner, and practice adviser, along with being a trained mediator and arbitrator she has accomplished much in the world of dentistry.

During her tenure as a practice consultant in 1998, she created the prototype in Phoenix for a unique dental placement agency that is now a national franchise system with numerous locations currently in operation throughout the country. While providing placement services for over 800 dentists in the Phoenix area, she established a virtual “cult following,” and found herself persistently involved with advising dentists and their administrators in team dynamics beyond the scope of simply providing candidates for open positions. It was in this role that she realized the desperate need for a way to optimize the value of the team within the practice.

Roberge’s ongoing mentoring of her placement agents, coupled with assisting private practices with team related issues has established her as a recognized expert in this valuable specialty. Her expansive history led her to recognize the need for a method of documenting individual team activity that is not recorded in any current practice management software. To solve this issue, she created and recently launched ODT tracks and reports on many critical functions within a practice.

Over the last two years, Deb has directed the creation of this one-of-a-kind dental team management software system. ODT is a web-based program that captures the contributions of individual team members to the “health” of the practice. Additional features include automated doctor/team intercommunication, along with highlighting and recognizing events that usually go unnoticed, such as individual sales of services and products and the amazing and outstanding things many team members do that traditional practice management software fails to capture.

It also reports individual accomplishments within the hygiene department that are so critical to the bottom line, and are typically missed. Data is gathered efficiently and rapidly with a simple point and click interface, and yet the information it delivers is extensive and incredibly valuable to the success and general operating efficiency of the practice. ODT streamlines and modernizes the management of dental teams in our ever-more technically demanding environment.

Roberge explains, “This software tracks areas that are commonly overlooked in traditional practice management software, tracking everything from attendance details of team members, requests for time off, and continuing education monitoring. It also measures a team member’s calls to a patient post-treatment to see how they are feeling, selling services individually, or going over and above when it comes to insurance collection victories, ultimate in customer service, and much more. It’s this type of monitored/measured performance that allows dentists to reward and acknowledge their teams accordingly. The end result is that our systems and software eliminate major inefficiencies that plague most practices affording any dentist the luxury of focusing on their craft and growing a healthy, profitable practice.”

Cyndee Johnson, Owner of Scaler2schedule says, “Deb is a true professional with a clear understanding of what it takes to turn a group of employees into an exceptional team. Her ability to focus on interpersonal communication and leadership will have a profound effect on the success of your practice. She is an expert in team building and her protocol for hiring the ultimate team players is unique to the field.”

She continues, “In addition to her coaching and mentoring, Deb has created an amazing tool for measuring success. brings all the pieces of a very complex puzzle into a simple, user-friendly platform that allows team members to track and measure their successes and evaluate areas in need of improvement. From an administrative perspective, there’s nothing better. And for my consulting colleagues—sit down, buckle in, and get ready to be impressed!”

Paula D. Aguayo, PLLC, Attorney at Law explains,Deb Roberge has participated in various areas within dental practices as an advisor, coach, and business developer for over 40 years. Deb’s extensive background in team development and coaching enables her to successfully guide doctors and team members to practical, profitable, and lasting solutions of difficult issues within dental offices.”

For more information about dental management software visit their website at: Learn more about Deb Roberge at: Email Deb at or call (520) 743-3350 for information.

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