David Hoffmeister, A Course In Miracles Expert, Offers 30 Day Gift

Starting August 24th, A Course in Miracles expert and author, David Hoffmeister and his team at Living Miracles Center are inviting friends from around the world to follow a 30 day class that offers relief from old patterns of doubt, stress, and anxiety from their lives. The online classes cover a new subject every Monday. The course is called the Unwind Your Mind 30 Day Experience. Those who register for the free course will receive an inspired teaching, inspirational movie clip and review, and a deep video session with David each week. Participants will receive these gifts of a new way to look at their lives, while being supported to release the life patterns that no longer serve them.

Living Miracles Center’s leader, David Hoffmeister is well known in the Course in Miracles world. David has been supporting an international audience to understand and use the course materials for over twenty years. Here’s what Lisa Natoli (http://www.teachersofgod.org) had to say about David’s presentation at the A Course in Miracles (ACIM) 2015 conference, “David’s talk was so OFF. THE. CHARTS. … He hit the ball right out of the ballpark. I was so happy sitting there listening to him, I can’t even tell you the joy (and excitement ) I feel. It was like being in the middle of a huge shift and I was watching it happen in real time. It was great to hear David expressing in this new moment, and the clarity he has… ”

David’s work is sometimes compared to Eckhart Tolle, the author of The Power of Now and The New Earth. Like Eckhart, he gently guides others to open their mind to the amazing healing power of the Divine. But David Hoffmeister is world renown for his generosity. This online month-long, transformational experience is just ONE of the gifts that David and his team offer to support people on their spiritual journey. They also have hundreds of free YouTube discussions available for viewing and supporting people to change.

David Hoffmeister has touched the lives of thousands with his consistently peaceful state of mind, radiant joy and dedication to Truth. He is a modern-day mystic who has been invited to over 30 countries and 49 states to share the message of Love, Oneness and Freedom. His journey involved the study of many pathways culminating in a deeply committed practical application of A Course in Miracles. He will be publishing a new book, Quantum Forgiveness, in September 2015.

About David Hoffmeister’s New Class : To learn more about the upcoming 30 Days to Unwind Your Mind class, go to: http://circle.livingmiraclescenter.org/uym30day.