Dave Olesczuk Declares “Women Can Have Fun…And Fat Loss”

Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of Fit Body Bootcamp, Dave Olesczuk, declares a new way for women to lose fat, get toned and have fun in the process with his new 6-week program, the Girls Night Out Experience.

The Girls Night Out Experience (GNOE) is a new kind of fitness program. A program that not only results in fat loss; but, also builds connections, self-confidence and inner strength; and, concludes with a party to celebrate the women and their success. The first Girls Night Out Experience was launched in June 2016; because of the success of that group of women, GNOE is now a quarterly event.

“I wanted to create a certain environment. The biggest thing we do is make our clients feel welcome and part of the community…part of the family,” says Olesczuk. “The six-week challenges, including this new Girls Night Out Experience, is really exciting for our clients because of the done-for-you meal plans, the strength-building workouts and of course, it’s lots of fun too.”

Tony Robbins, famed strategist for success and author of Unlimited Power, often speaks about the importance of being a part of a community of like-minded people.

“Who you spend time with is who you become! Change your life by consciously choosing to surround yourself with people with higher standards!” Robbins stated.

Dedicated to empowering women to embrace their inner strength as they lose weight, get fit and rediscover the beautiful woman within, the ‘Girls Night Out Experience’ supports women through a total body and lifestyle transformation; building strength, fat loss and having fun building lifetime connections during their health and wellness journey.

Olesczuk’s community-based fitness strategies are not just theory, as he has been helping clients become more healthy for over a decade.

“Girls Night Out Experience…amazing, superb! Fit Body makes you better, makes you stronger.” Carolyn Frketich

“Fit Body is the absolute best! Great opportunity, great experience that I highly recommend. I feel so good thanks to Dave at Fit Body.” Colleen Lozano

“I just have to say this Girls Night Out Experience has been the best experience. Fit Body Boot Camp has changed my life!” Nikkie Ellis

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