Dave Gould – Awarded Outstanding Speaker at Speak Like a Champion Tour Event Held at the University of Notre Dame

T. Allen Hanes presents Dave Gould, of Influencer Tools Creative Agency the outstanding speaker award at the Speak Like a Champion Tour that was held at the University of Notre Dame from July 31 through August 2, 2017. 

Dave was one of the 15 TOP speakers that spoke at this Epic business event.

Dave Gould is a master thought painter and thought artist, who is quickly rising in the ranks as a social entrepreneur. His innovative thinking focuses on bringing progressive ideas and new business models to the world; ideas that are grounded in personal development through fresh and transformative frontiers and avenues like never before. 

Dave’s background in the entertainment industry and creative productions include an exhaustive list of creative projects dating back to 1985 including, but not limited to, marketing, branding and business administration. 

Throughout the years he has worked on several projects and businesses within the film production, theatrical and music industries. 

Dave continuously expands known and specific variables within systems of creative expression and business models– always seeking to re-engineer “the Box” and most of the times completely vanquishing it, a visionary thought leader and ultra-creative individual. 

Dave is a founding partner at Influencer Tools Creative Agency. 

Influencers Tools Creative Agency was founded by Dave Gould and Cristie Campo in 2016. Together they bring over 30 years of experience in design, production, business consulting and branding.

Being influencers themselves, Dave and Cristie, offer their clients unique and creative solutions for today’s business marketing challenges. Together they offer not only a beautiful creative eye for design but an understanding of the technologies that make their client platforms stand above the competitions.

Their goal is to build powerful platforms… in essence, what they really do is create empires.

To find out more and connect with Dave and his team CLICK HERE.

T. Allen Hanes

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