Darrell Mitchell II, Publisher Of DMInk Publishing, Shares The Multi Facets Of His Publishing Company

Most people believe that DMInk Publishing only produces books, but they are far from the truth. When Darrell Mitchell started his publishing company in 2006, he had one vision: to help people start their journey as musical artists. Today, DMink Publishing is a well-known company, and publisher Darrell Mitchell II is bi-coastal, working from two markets Atlanta and the Los Angeles and his company does not only focus on publishing books.

“We publish books, and eBooks, but we also have a broadcast network that airs TV, web series, and radio programming,” owner Darrell Mitchell said. “We don’t only publish books. We do so much more than that.” DMInk Publishing focuses on those who perform all types of the arts, whether they are professionals or starters.

“We have a program for kids in schools, high schools, and colleges,” Mitchell said. “We try to help those who are starting in the music industry by putting their name out there, and giving them exposure. I want them to know that we can help them to get their book out on the market and help them get exposure. We can help them achieve their dreams.” This summer, the company will host multiple activities in L.A. Some of those events include, a spoken word poetry café and lounges is planned, as well as intuitive writing workshops on weekends.

“The public will also have the opportunity to meet and greet with authors, and assist with our radio show launch on June 1 for a weekly show called The Evening Journey, every Sunday at 8pm,” Mitchell explains. On their radio shows, DMInk Publishing gives authors and artists the opportunity to promote their products, their new book, or shows. They also give information about what is happening around L.A and Atlanta in relation to the book industry.

After eight years in the business, Mitchell has realized that the world is changing at a fast pace. “The introduction of the Internet and technology in the publishing market have made things quicker, and easier,” he said. “The introduction of eBooks has changed a lot about the market. However, Mitchell believes that readers still have an interest in the good old books, made out of paper. “EBooks are a big part of the future, but you do have a lot of readers who like to collect books, regular books. I think that will always be there.”

The group also participates in a charity event. “We have a yearly charity event in which we raise funds for the greater community fund raising center for disasters,” he said. “That way, if people are in trouble after a disaster they can go to the community center and get help.” DMInkPublishing is looking to expand in the future Mitchell explained. “We want to publish more authors, produce more TV shows and web series. We want to expand and produce more content.”

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